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    I was going to purchase some headgear and am debating on the getting a cage. What do you guys think?


    Re: Is cage necessary for headgear?

    after my 2nd nose break in Krav (first was when i was the gunman and the dude kneed me) and the 2nd was in sparring, i decided my ENT was making too much money off me so I got a headgear with a cage.

    pro: your nose won’t break. for that matter, nothing on your face will but your opponents hand might

    con: super heavy! it was sooo hard to move my head around not to mention having horrible vision.

    after the 1st couple use, i sawed half of the cage off but that still didn’t help. Now when i do wear the head gear, i just use it without the cage.

    so my advise is if you are really worried about your face, you should do what you need to do to protect it. If you are more worried about sparring and being able to be quick, don’t use it. You won’t be able to have both unfortunately unless someone comes out with a super light weight one.


    Re: Is cage necessary for headgear?

    No cage for me.
    Sparring is not fight club.

    It is true that accidents do happen but if you are regularly sparring hard enough that you feel a cage is needed to protect yourself by all means get one. We want to go home after each class safe.

    On the other side of things try to partner with people who will work you hard have enough control to not injure you or themselves.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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