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    How often do you give classes to Correction Officers? I know at the county jail level we get no training at all. Half of our employees are female and I wouldn’t be able to depend on them if there was an altercation. Actually, I think I’m the only corrections officer in my jail that has had martial arts trianing. How much does a class cost and is it usually done in an area where there is a KM school or do you travel? We did have one situation this last year where a Jailor was escorting two federal prisoners back to their cells and was attacked. The Jailor was lucky that he only got punched three times and the guy quit. If he would have defended himself the other inmate would have joined in on the beating. Any info you can give would be appreciated.


    We arrange courses as requested and we do travel. Alternatively, You can check the locations to see if there is a school near you. Check with them if they offer the LE classes. There are not a lot of schools that have those but it is becoming more common. If you would like to have the Force Training division come out for training or just get an idea of what is involved, you can call the Krav Maga Worldwide (310) 966-1300 and ask for Jon Pascal. He is the Force Training Director. He can answer you questions and get you what you need.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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