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    Re: Krav Maga and joint locks

    At our school we have several people who practice BJJ and usually we practice them in our sparring class. We do alot of ground work during the sparring class. We have just over a hour to play around during sparring. So we usually agree on something to practice besides stand up.


    Big fan of them, but like any technique you have to drill them a lot of to do it in a realistic time.

    The last couple classes I’ve been able to hit them from various attacks /defenses.

    Just tonight in class I was able to set them up from Front Choke defenses. When I raise my arm to break the choke I notice my partners hand is stuck between my shoulder and arm, with pressure already being applied, and I can grab and lock up the wrist in no time. I apply enough pressure to make my partner tap, leaving them standing, but in a real life situation I would prefer to force my opponent to the ground then run for it while they’re getting up.

    So far I’ve caught various people utilizing that technique.



Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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