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    Re: Krav Maga Lifestyle "principles of defense"

    Yoshi, see you next week buddy. Like I mentioned, I asked if we can try this Imi drill sometime (the second KevinMack video on this thread), so maybe that’ll happen. Gloves, you rock for doing that drill the SAME DAY with your class. That drill was significant to me in that I had a breakthrough doing it. Which is: It’s not just about weathering storms, having technique, or being aggressive. It’s about doing all 3 (simultaneously or whatever energy the moment calls for) combined with a giant dose of nasty to make it a very bad day for whoever messed with you. You may not “win,” but you damn well best put the hurt on them and then GTFO.


    Re: Krav Maga Lifestyle "principles of defense"

    quote KevinMack:

    Imi’s defensive strategy for multiple attackers.


    Thanks for sharing the history and video.

    As far as the drill is concerned, I think it’s a good start. All else being equal, I would encourage more movement from the student to get outside the circle.

    Here’s a video that I may have posted before, apologies if I or someone else already did – Atienza brothers showing some of their training. Granted, they do a LOT of edged weapons training so you’ll see knives being used within the drill – but the principles are the same.



    Re: Krav Maga Lifestyle "principles of defense"

    Here are some ways to deal with a gun defense gone wrong


Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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