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    Hi everyone… I just wanted to say thanks real quick to Lynn and Mark at Krav Maga Portland. We just did a Force Cert there and there were 23 officers. I had a blast and eveyone did fantastic!

    A quick shout out to Rob Kendall from the Oregon DOC for having 20 of his instructors there participating. They are the first DOC I know that has a KM based DT program.

    Also, I want to thank Nick Masaoka and Chris Masaoka from Krav Maga East Side Training Center in Bellevue WA. They both came down and helped us out. They brought us some of their coveted chocolates from their other business “Oh Chocolate” (sorry Kelly, I ate them all- but I thought of you 😀 ) and coupled with some coffee from the Red Mill, Jon and I were good for the whole week! ( if you want to experiance them… they are unreal good!) What could be better? Krav Maga and chocolate with coffee!!

    Anyway, thanks to everyone that participated and supported us. I look forward to going back in another week!

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