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    Let me apologize in advance for this log winded thread. I promise it will be my last long one, but to ge the help I need you must understand where I come from and where I wish to go…

    I am a Florida state certified defensive tactics instructors. I hold other high liability certificates, but that one is relevant here. I am also one of those jack of all trades master of none guys who frustrate martial arts instructors all over the country. I have black belts in Tang Soo Do and Chun Kuk Do, and a blue belt in BJJ. More relevant to this discussion may be that I trained in SPEAR, Haganah and Commando Krav Maga (I know that is touchy around here) it is simply a matter of avaiable trainers. I was several years ago “exposed” to Krav Maga in the form of a counter terrorist training course I participated in as a SWAT operator.

    That is where I come from. Why am I here? What attracted me here was an interest in pushing through the barrier of the often useless, mundane, archaic techniques that I am forced to teach and bringing a more practical “system” to life here in central Florida.

    Like other programs, I have been “exposed” to KM techniques that I like and some I dislike. The real attraction to KM for me rests not just in good practical training, but POST certification and a comprehensive documented training curriculum. This is where I need help…

    I am willing to pay for certification for myself. I plan to try to get to June. To do this I need agency approval. To get agency approval, I need a copy of curriculum. The one on this web site is topographical in nature and not sufficient for my Deputy Chief. Can anyone help with that?

    Second, anything offered to POST for certification would be helpful. Can I get that information?

    Finally, a KM class was offered here in Orlando in November through Valencia Community College, but they titled it “Deadly Force Encounters” Is this the norm? Essentially, I am asking if I should abandon the term Krav Maga and work my proposals as some form of deadly force officer response level. I do not like that option as it seems to dramatically short change the total capabilities of your system.

    Of course, any and all information would be helpful. I know there are those of you who are probably chuckling right now because I am starting down a road to fight a fight that you have already been through. I plan to borrow, steal and plagarize as much as possible, giving credit where it is due of course.

    If all goes well I will be out in L.A. this summer. I hope to meet some of ya’ll. Thanks in advance.



    Re: Let the brain picking begin

    Tojo, did you get the info you needed?


    Re: Let the brain picking begin

    I didn’t see your post until today, sorry for not replying sooner. If you still need help email me at: [email protected]

    No need to reinvent the wheel…


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