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    Just completed test from level 2 into level 3 here in Columbus OH…. The only part of my body that can move is my fingers to type this…..

    Everybody did very well and nobody went to the Hospital!

    I want to take a nap but everything hurts so bad I cant fall asleep. Thinking I am going to fill the tub with ice and hop in.


    Congratulations. Now go take that ice bath, take some ibuprofen, and have yourself a margarita!


    Congrats!!! 8)

    I’m taking mine next Saturday. Any last-minute pointers?


    Dont eat the big farmers breakfast before the test! If you do, have a bucket nearby….

    Truly, I suggest lots of fluids. Start hydrating today, make sure you dont let yourself dehydrate at all this week.

    At about the end of the 2nd hour I started getting a massive headache, both from being hungry and I think getting dehydrated. The instructor was letting us get drinks, but at that point you just cant drink enough to stay on top of it…


    Congrats jburtonpdx !!

    Mike P –

    Hydrate well throughout the week, and especially before and during the test (Gatorade and H2O). Lots of good carbs this week – For me, a big pasta dinner the night before and a light breakfast the morning of. Take calories with you too – I did; \”CarboForce\” drink by ABB prior to the test, then choked down a couple of Clif Bars and Power Gel during … Train this week, but take it easy a bit (no injuries!)

    Also prepare mentally – La Rev gave me some great advice:

    \”Before you go to sleep and when you wake this weekend, repeat these three phrases:

    1-I have been training hard, this will be a great day.
    2-I feel really good.
    3-I am looking forward to my exam.\”

    Also, envison yourself not only passing, but excelling during the exam. Finally, test with AGGRESSION AND INTENSITY!!!

    Good Luck!



    Thanks Kravjeff. Great advice. Interestingly, La Rev is the one testing us next week. There should also be a #4- I will not get kicked in the liver. 😛

    I’m actually looking forward to the test a lot. I love physical challenges like these. I just like hearing people’s experiences and their opinions on what worked and what didn’t work.



    quote \”Mike P\:

    There should also be a #4- I will not get kicked in the liver. 😛

    I think he may have mentioned that as well – Always a good idea!!!



    Another piece of advice I got for my Phase C exam (instructor version of Level 3 to Level 4 exam) from John Whitman is this: treat it just like hard training. Don’t get caught up in the fact you’re being evaluated. Assuming you work as hard as you can during any other training time, just do it like that.


    jburtonpdx, how long did your test run?


    how long was it and what did you have to do?


    good stuff! i remember that test. to be honest, i found it easier to get through than the test going from level 1 to level 2. during the yellow belt test i got socked in the nose and elbowed in the ear. I got a bloody toe from the orange belt test from all the kicking.


    Our test ran about 3.5 hours, seems kinda short compared to what I have heard about other tests. There were 6 of us in the test. As far as what was in it, all of the level 2 combatives and self defense along with various other exhausting things…

    Others in the class said it was easier then our level 1 test. I didnt find it easier though, its just up to the individual I guess. I personally think I put a lot more effort into this test this time. The test ended about noon or noon thirty and I was not able to eat untill about 330 that afternoon.


    Oh, the test wasn’t that bad. 😆 I will say I felt more exhausted after this one than the first, but during, I didn’t have the feeling of collapsing like certain parts in the first.

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