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    Hi all, I’m new to this forum and new to the idea of Krav Maga. I have been interested in learning a h2h fighting technique for personal safety for awhile now, but just haven’t known where to go or what to try. I saw the Fight Science (I think that was the show) that had Amir Perets discussing Krav Maga and I was fascinated. I bought the Complete Krav Maga book and am hoping to talk hubby into practicing some of the basic moves with me.

    I don’t live near a training center, but am considering driving to NC (it would be about 2.5 hours) a few weekends a month to attend a class. Is anyone familiar with that training center in Gastonia? I know they offer one Krav class on Saturdays, but it doesn’t have a level, so it might be too advanced for someone who knows NOTHING about Krav:).

    Thanks for all the info you all post, I’ve been very entertained reading this forum! 🙂



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    Welcome,I am new to the book will help but you need to take classes to get the technical side of the moves ,you learn alot really fast and is a real good workout to


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    Welcome Kate,
    From I’ve read and heard about Ryan Hoover’s program in Gastonia, you can’t go wrong. You will be training with one of the best. Go for it!


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    Welcome and like Brad said I hear that Ryan’s school is fantastic. He posts on these boards himself and you might be able to get in contact with him so he can answer any questions you might have.


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    Welcome aboard Kate:wav:

    You can always PM him – His id is Ryanthumbsup


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    Kate, the Saturday Class in Gastonia wouldn’t be too advanced for you. Give it a try. It would be worth the drive.


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    I take Krav at RHEK in Gastonia. We frequently have new people drop in on Saturdays. It would be well worth your drive.


    Re: New gal

    I appreciate the kind words from everyone.

    Kate, we’d love to have you. Be sure to check our schedule on the site, since we’ve made some updates. If you made the trip on Saturdays, you could do the KM Open class, as well as the groundfighting class (and eventually the fight class.) We also have a boxing class on Saturdays, if you really wanted to maximum your time here.

    Privates or semi-privates are also an option. You should really try to get here for the Darren Levine seminars in March. It’s a rare opportunity to have him on the east coast.

    All the best!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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