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    ​I am looking to start krav maga as soon as I recover from a knee injury. Luckily there is a coach nearby who is trained and certified by IKMF. I have previously trained in JJJ, BJJ, Combat Sambo and submission wrestling. Just a few questions. I understand that Krav is not a sport and is purely for self defence (which is what I am looking for).

    ​1. The club nearby does not spar, and I understand that it would be very difficult to spar using the techniques of Krav. Therefore, how will I know whether the techniques will be effective in the worse case real life scenario (would avoid conflict fist)?
    ​2. I am aged 43 but in good condition. Am I too old to train?
    ​3. Is Krav actually effective? (I appreciate this is dependant on the coach and students dedication).

    Many thanks


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