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    Anyone know if these are bad for your joints?


    Re: Press ups on knuckles

    I’d answer that question with a no based on my experience and the fact that I’ve seen people doing them for years. However that assumes proper technique and no other issues.


    Re: Press ups on knuckles

    I’ve been doing push-ups that way for so long (years & years) it feels awkward….almost alien…for me to do them any other way….so I hope not. To be honest I never considered the possibility.:Unsure:


    Re: Press ups on knuckles

    Today we did pushups while still wearing boxing gloves..with one of them on a medicine ball.Boy was that awkward.


    Re: Press ups on knuckles

    Try doing them with your hands in a TRX, or set of gymnastics rings.


    Re: Press ups on knuckles

    They can be bad if you do them incorrectly on a very hard surface such as a concrete floor.
    To be on the safe side I do them on the knuckles with new students only in slow motion.

    I do have my students do it because if you strike with your knucles to the face and put weight/mass into your punch you’re also hitting a pretty hard surface. People should realize how vulnerable the fist really is if you don’t hit correctly.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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