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    Imi’s Krav Maga book on pg.77 lists a variation to the defense against a horizontal swing from the side.He talks about bursting forward in 2 steps.I’m having trouble visualizing what is happening in the 2nd step.

    He say.\”The second step,executed with the right rear foot in the direction of the sticks continuous movement,causes joined movement between you & the assailant,in a rotational motion.\”

    The stick is moving from my left to my right,but if I stepped to my right,moving with the direction of the sticks motion,I would not be able to block as well.

    I think that I’m interpreting the above wrong.Wouldn’t I ,with the 2nd step,be trying to turn into the shoulder that holds the stick?

    Thanks for getting me out of this ‘blond’ moment.


    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……………… 😕

    Are there any pictures of this? Sounds to me like the first step is exactly what we normally do, left arm down, right up, hand in front of your face, then move towards attackers arm. So now your left shoulder and right hand is against his arm (normal position). From here you would normally hook his wrist and deliver an elbow. But, according to that description, it sounds like you take an extra step first, stepping with your right leg forward. From there, maybe, you pivot slightly to your left, so that you are then kind of sideways to your attacker, but more square to his outstretched arm (that’s holding the stick). Maybe that gives you better leverage for the takeaway and counter?

    No idea if any of this is even remotely correct, just guessing. I just have a feeling that if you were to take that second step and then pivot to your left that might give you better leverage. But maybe not. Would have to try it out with an actual person. I’m just thinking about pivoting because he says sometyhing about rotation and it’s almost as if you would pivot automatically if you took a step with the right leg, because of the way your body is twisted toward the attacker’s arm after your first step.


    You are not \”blocking the swing\” you are actually avoiding the hit by your movements and should flow with the attackers motions ( kind of like akido) so the bat does not hit you solidly and you rush in so quick you are there before the full swing takes place.


    The first step is with the left foot.The 2nd is with the right(rear)foot.
    The reason listed is if there is another aggressor behind or to your left;or when you start your move further from the attacker so you need to cover more distance.


    Okay, sounds like maybe he is talking about using your attacker as a shield in case of multiple assailants. In that case, you do the regular defense with counter, but then, instead of doing the stick take away (or continuing to stay in place and beat him) you kind of swing around while holding on to the attacker, so you will move him in between you and the second attacker, who might be approaching from behind. That way the first attacker will be in between you and the second attacker and the second attacker will have a much harder time to get to you, buying you some time. If you are strong enough, you could also push the first attcker into the second attacker after you have disarmed him.

    So, to swing him around, it will be easier to do if you take that step with your right foot, then, holding on to the attacker, swing your left foot to your left, taking the attacker with you (moving him). (Kind of similar to what we do without weapons, when you grab someone’s neck and then swing him). That’s probably what he meant.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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