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    I’ve only been doing Krav for a week and a half now, but I’m addicted. I’m lucky enough to have a gym that offers me 5 days of training a week. Anyways, I tell my buddy about it and he keeps saying things like, “Oh, my wife is sick” or, “I’ll see. Maybe I can come up later in the week”.

    I seriously can’t believe his first response was, “Dude, my wife doesn’t like me being away from her for very long.” Seriously? You’re so whipped you can’t spend an hour at the gym with me?

    You know what I think? It’s not that he’s whipped. He’s not so busy he can’t spend an hour with me Monday-Thursday and Saturday. He’s a big old sally. And so is my other buddy. He talks about the nursery for his baby that’s on the way and the extensive list of things he has to do to get it done. Are you ready for the list?

    1. Paint the room.

    THAT’S IT! So I asked him today at work, “Hey man, gonna come up to the gym today? Learn some Krav?”

    “Nah man, I’m WAY too busy to be spending all that time at the gym. I gotta get this nursery done!”

    -__- Whatever dude. You said last week that it’ll take you a couple hours at the most to finish up the nursery. Now you can’t spare 5 hours in an entire week?

    Look, I understand people have wives and kids, I’m not knocking that. But if you can’t spend an hour a night away from them… But I know that’s not it. They’re just chicken shi*. I show them my bruises and I can see it in their eyes.

    I wear my bruises with pride.

    You’re too busy!rofl2What a joke.


    Re: Quit being a sally

    Hey JFYI, we don’t say “sally” anymore – the politically correct term is “Sissy La La”… :D:


    Re: Quit being a sally

    help him paint the room that way he has no excuse.


    Re: Quit being a sally

    Sissy La La huh? I like that. Thanks, brother.


    Re: Quit being a sally

    yea, show them your bruises! that’ll motivate em 🙂

    I’ve tried to take every friend i have to krav, and still it took a hell of a long time for one to join. but he did, and like everyone, train krav once, train krav more! he’s now so happy that he joined once. show em some tricks like disarming or escapes. thats the way to sell a krav training 🙂


    Re: Quit being a sally

    You just have to let them make up there own minds.Keep training and let them come to you….


    Re: Quit being a sally

    Yeah, I quickly learned Krav Maga isn’t for everyone. When I puked on my first day, I knew Krav Maga was for me. When my sister and her friend puked on their first day, they never returned again.


    Re: Quit being a sally

    There could be loads of reasons they’re afraid to start and are too proud to come out with it…like money!


    Re: Quit being a sally

    Heck, I’m envious of people who don’t have to drive an hour to get to their gym. 😛


    Re: Quit being a sally

    Some people just don’t like striking arts or getting physical to that capacity. Can’t really knock em… but to avoid learning how to protect your family and yourself if need be?:dunno:


    Re: Quit being a sally

    Wanting to crack open a beer at noon or take a power nap at three are common side effects and may take time to get over.


    Re: Quit being a sally

    I’ve learned that you can’t push someone into taking Krav. I’ve mentioned it many times to many friends, a lot of whom are fit and active. Many of these same friends have mentioned how they would LOVE to study Krav, based the experiences I’ve shared with them. But as the saying goes, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” I’d say just focus on your own Krav education, and if someone shows interest (based on your passion for it) then they’ll damn well MAKE the time for Krav. Otherwise, you’re beating a dead horse.

    Stay Safe!


    Re: Quit being a sally

    there are some ppl not geared for gym or physical sports contact or otherwise

    to each his own i say


    Re: Quit being a sally

    Hey, I am new to krav maga forums, and it is really interesting to go through. I guess you should help him to paint the room otherwise he will skip this duty. You need to just stand with him, and make him do the work.



    Re: Quit being a sally

    If I can pull my younger brother away from his video games to try the class out, I think even getting a Sissy La La to go is possible.

    Needless to say, looks likw little brother is going to start training with me B-)

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