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    Well anything Krav Maga of course!

    After that would be:

    2. Covert Entry and Lock Bypass (used it often on patrol and well worth it)
    with Carey and Associates. They are very top notch and an awesome group! Favorites of Spec-Op’s and other Govt. too

    3. NCMEC crimes against children courses. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children are an amazing organization and they offer grants to attend their courses. It covers hotel and training.


    Re: Recommended Training

    What? Nobody else here get to go to training? Geeze… You guys gotta get out more!


    Re: Recommended Training

    lol it’s all about money and not having any to either go to training or to fill in behind you when you go…

    Some classes I would recommend (some I haven’t gone to yet)

    Use of Force Instructor certification
    Advanced/tactical handgun/long gun
    Gangs and Subcultures
    Analytical Interviewing
    Narcotics / DART
    First Aid / CPR

    will add more later


    Re: Recommended Training

    I would highly recommend attending the ILEETA Conf. in Chicago this year. I just booked my flight and hotel. This will be my 3rd time attending ILEETA. Great courses, Instructors and networking!

    A lot of great courses that will make instructors “well Rounded”!


    Re: Recommended Training

    I will be attending Col. Grossman’s “The Bullet Proof Mind” seminar on Jan 27th in Buena Park ( I also highly recommend any training by John Giduck. He is an expert on terrorism and was on the ground immediately after the siege at Beslan, Russia; Virginia Tech; and Mumbai, India. His training is some of the best training on terrorism I have ever attended (

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