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    So i bought a package deal at my location that came with a TKD style chest piece….(goshun/gosu?) i hate it… it’s ugly’ it moves around to much, gets slippery with sweat, sticks to anything vinal or plastic, Can’t were T tops, ties suk, ect, ect, ect.

    So i have no experience with anything else and i’m trying to find some sort of supplier in my area to stop in and test things out… Alas nothing but TKD style or a few pro-form one’s that were for kids.
    So Blah!! it’s back to the forums for Q/A.

    Adidas makes a real nice looking Goshun TKD style for about $70, looks almost identical to what i have but the straps are better and it has a spine pad…. looks like an uber version of what i got.

    Revgear makes a nice looking pro-form does anyone have experiance with it or really any pro-form chest piece regaurdless of brand. Price on those looks good at about $40 but i’m clueless as to what makes for good quality on these?

    Century (makes everything yes i know) but i saw this new Martial armor L2 anyone got anything to say on it? Spendy yes! at $100 but is it worth it? so far it’s the best LOOKING piece i have seen but i don’t even know if its any good for sparing?

    I like to be a cheep-skate when i can but i know sometimes you get what you pay for. I need it to be functional only but hey who doesn’t want to look good and have ease of use. Really i just need something i wont have to fiddle with, nothings worse then having to take gloves off mid bout just to fix my tie…

    Thanks & Cheers yaw!


    Re: Sparing Chest Piece blah V.S blah 2

    Not that it matters towards the question of quality but why are you looking for one. Is it required for class or just something you want for protection? I don’t personally use one so I’m just curious?


    Re: Sparing Chest Piece blah V.S blah 2

    Required for the Bas fight club. Though from time to time i end up training with a big guy and i wish i had it in KM.


    Re: Sparing Chest Piece blah V.S blah 2

    Yeah nothing like a quick body shot to wake you up and suck that air away. Can’t offer any help on the chest piece but good luck to you.


    Re: Sparing Chest Piece blah V.S blah 2

    Revgear has these:

    I use the first and it stays tight around your ribs. It is possible to be hit in the side, when wearing this: it doesn’t protect all around. [I’ve had a cracked rib from someone with poor control]. It rotates slightly when you are sparring, so you have to check it occasionally. I’ve no experience with the other but, as it is cheaper, I expect it offers less protection.


    Re: Sparing Chest Piece blah V.S blah 2

    Yeah I’m not a small guy, but even with the tombstone I’ve take some cross punches that just feel like the next one is going to go through my chest!!! Knees from some folks that have near perfect technique can hurt like hell too if you forget to push the tombstone down a touch just before impact!!!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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