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    Hey there,

    First time poster. I am new to Krav Maga, and self defense period. I am very interested in Krav Maga, sadly there is nowhere within 50 miles that teaches it where I live in Virginia. I own “Complete Krav Maga”, but was trying to get a visual teaching media as well to better help teach myself. I have seen Alain Cohen’s stuff on youtube, and have visited his website. I’ve searched this forum and the internet trying to find out if anyone has tried his stuff, but have failed to find anything. His new 10 DVD set is about $300 on his website (a bit pricey with no reviews). But amazon.com has I am assuming an older, 6 disc set for roughly $70 (more likely even though it also has no reviews).

    Does ANYONE have ANY experience with this media and/or teaching methods? Or could you possibly point me in the direction of other visual teaching mehtods of Krav Maga?

    I am also contemplating buying Bas Rutten’s “Lethal Street Fighting” Self Defense System….considering it appears to be taking from Krav Maga. Not to mention from the promo videos online it looks absolutely hilarious if nothing else!

    Thanks for your time.



    Re: Suggestion for a new guy with nowhere to train locally…

    sorry if I am :Deadhorse:…(had to use that)…best emoticon ever

    No one at all has any reviews of those products or possibly any other recommendations?

    thanks either way,



    Re: Suggestion for a new guy with nowhere to train locally…

    Welcome to the forum,

    This is only your second post in the same day – don’t forget it’s the weekend and this forum isn’t monitored 24/7.

    Sorry-haven’t used that DVD set you’re referring to. I’ve used the DVDs KMWW made awhile back. You can still find them around

    I also have the new KM Beginner book – that’s puppy gives you meat a beginner can truly use

    BAS is only used alot by members here and hopefully some can give you some recommendations. Wanted to add, at some point you’re going to need to find a partner so you can see if you’ve got the techniques down.

    Best wishes on your training:wav:


    Re: Suggestion for a new guy with nowhere to train locally…

    You could consider watching this forum and googling (thats a verb now…) Krav Maga schools within whatever you deem acceptable driving distance for seminars.

    Most of the schools welcome anybody and everybody to the seminars. They are not all run quite as intensely as a standard Krav Maga class but it would expose you to the way Krav Maga is tought what is looked for and so on.

    As far as the other tools you mentioned. Distance learning is what it is, you dont have the benefit of another person helping to fix things in your technique…

    Good Luck and train hard!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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