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    Monday and Tuesday this week I was able to teach my first L.E. Series I class to Supervisors in my Department. This was everyones first exposure to Krav Maga in any way. I didn’t make it as intense as the Instructors course was but still made them go to exhaustion on some drills. They all seemed to thoroughly enjoy it and commented on how out of fight shape they were even though some of them are avid runners. They enjoyed it so much that they want more now. So Ryan as soon as you can get subsquent series I’m definately game. Even though I explained numerous times that this was for deadly force type situations and not so much for subject control that question kept coming up. They wanted to know \”Well the suspect kept coming towards me after I told him to stop and I kicked him in the chest with a front kick and got him off of me and drew my weapon and he starts running away…now what? I can’t shoot him for that.\” The questions were basically towards taking the fight to the suspect whether he wants to fight or not and you know your going to take him to the ground if you catch him. It wasn’t really negative or anything but just wanting to know if there were any other Krav Techniques for those situations. They were all asking how soon they could do a refresher course. Hopefully they will pass that enthusiasm on to their subordinates when it’s their turn for a class.



    Mike, we’re working on the next series. I’ve actually scheduled another Series I for August, and the next series will come sometime after that. Keep in mind, if you need me to come down and help with any classes or answer any questions, I’m available.


    KM Instructor Course

    Mike, fyi…the NC Justice Academy will sponsor another KM Agency IT course at Ryan’s school in Gastonia on August 14-18…I’ve already sent out the info to the BLET school directors and will shortly send it out to the subject control instructors as well…help me spread the word!



    Edit to add… Wow I just realized how old this post was. I guess it’s a slow forum over here.

    That is great that you got such a response. I can’t get a supervisor to come over when we are doing our departmental training. The one on second shift just flat out ignors it. The others are \”too busy.\” I also get similar questions like you, when can I, what if he does? It amazes me how many are not sure of what they can and can’t do. When to apply this or that. If they are on the street they better know when and how. It drives me crazy to teach some of them knowing they aren’t paying attention. My training Sgt has the two of us go to each shift quarterly to refresh and learn new. We get about 2 hours with each Officer in groups of 2 or 3 pulling them off the street in uniform. I had one mark for his lunch last time right after the Training Sgt. called for the next group. It’s the best we can get for now.

    On the other hand I got an 8 hour day to teach to those that elected to come and do. We had a great time and got lots accomplished. A couple even showed up at class at night now.



    I have moved to another Department since I first wrote this. My new department is the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office in SC. This past week was my first week there. When I went through the hiring process they were very interested to learn that I was a L.E. Instructor for Krav Maga even though they weren’t really sure what Krav Maga was until I explained it to them. However when I talked to the training Sgt about showing him some of the things in Krav Maga he said that they really subscribe big time to
    PPCT training. I tried to explain that there is a big difference and this is more for the fight of your life deadly force type confrontations that Officers sometimes find themselves in rather than a non combative subject. Anyway not two days after I had this conversation with him this Department of almost 300 sworn Deputies lost it’s first ever Officer killed in the line of duty.
    I’m not real sure what exactly happened during the struggle but from what I was told it appeared from the muzzle blast that was on the finger of the fallen Deputy that he had tried to grab the gun during the struggle but it went off and the bullet went under the arm pit and in to the torso. This proved to be the fatal shot. Without being completely sure of what happened during the struggle it’s hard for me to say that had he known Krav Maga that he may still be alive but it does look like he used the natural instict to redirect that gun putting himself out of the line of fire. I’m hesitant right now to approach the Sheriff about training the Department in Krav Maga as it’s possibly to soon after his death and it might look like I am trying to capitilize on the situation for my benefit in some way, and also because I am so new to the Department. Hopefully at the right time I will be able to convince them that a new direction in training for these types of situations are definately needed.


    Mike, I ran a class yesterday that had officers from Greensboro, Archdale,
    Cornelius, Rock Hill, Gaston County, and ICE (maybe others.) All were VERY receptive to what we did. If I can help you at your new department, let me know.

    Take care,


    I appreciate that Ryan. If I can get them on board I will definately need your help because of the sheer size of the Department.


    Okay, just let me know. I’m doing an all day course at CPCC on Tuesday. I know it’s a drive for you, but you are welcome to come.

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