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    Re: Trends in attacks vs. LEO

    Hey can I invite myself to that meeting, Sushi!


    Re: Trends in attacks vs. LEO

    I was actually hoping to come visit you while you guys are all training together – kill a couple of birds with one stone… 🙂


    Re: Trends in attacks vs. LEO

    One of the things inmates do is cause diversion incidents (fake fights) to get us to respond to a specific locations when in reality there is some other inmate getting his throat cut on the other end of the prison.

    We have designated responders to certain parts (yards) of the prison to prevent everyone from going to the same incident unless it is a full blown riot.

    It gets interesting sometimes during a riot of 200+ inmates fighting at one time with weapons and seeing about 12 CO’s out there trying to stop it with a can of OC spray and a expandable baton :chair: . We get to trust our partners so much that you dont really think of the dangers until its all over, BUT we couldn’t do it without our gunners which are located in all housing units and in all yards.

    FYI – When there are large scale incidents like a riot w/ 100+ inmates we do get what we call a Code 2 or Code 3 response which will bring approximately 50 CO’s from all the yards. That response usually takes about 5-10 minutes do to having to gear up (gas vest – gas bombs & and alot of non lethal weapons that shoot wooden baton rounds and direct impact rubber bullets).

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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