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    Training Announcement

    The California Association of Force Instructors is pleased to announce that we will be presenting a training seminar June 18th 2008 that we hope you can attend.

    When: June 18th 2008 at 0930 Hours

    Where: Gold’s Gym – 200 N. Harbor Drive
    Redondo Beach CA 90277
    Phone: 310-374-5522

    CAFI is pleased to announce that the instructor line up for that day is beyond incredible and if everything goes as planned you will get the opportunity to train with three dynamic instructors.

    Darren Levine – Chief Instructor (United States) Krav Maga
    Mitch Tavera – Captain, El Segundo PD and former president of CAFI
    John Marsh – MMA Fighter

    With that line-up, I would suggest that you keep most of that day free as the instructors may go as long as we hang around (but obviously you can leave at any time if you need to).

    This training is FREE to all participants, however you must be a Sworn (or Reserve) Peace Officer. This training is directed to current Force Instructors; however others may attend as long as you desire to become a Force Instructor for your agency. You will be required to sign a waiver to hold the instructors and CAFI harmless, and I suggest that you be sent with your agency’s approval. Also, this is not a POST Certified course at this time.

    Please e-mail [email protected]
    to acknowledge your desire to attend or if you pass this event off to other instructors, please make sure that they e-mail me to keep a running list to make sure that we don’t out-grow the room size.

    Topics that are going to be covered are Krav Maga Gun Defenses, Weapon Retention, Ground Fighting and Combative Drills. Other topics may be covered depending on time and if you have any specific areas that you wish the instructors to touch on.

    All CAFI boards members hope to see you at this event.

    Brent Ambrose
    President – California Association of Force Instructors

    *CAFI is a non-profit mutual-benefit corporation. The purpose of this organization is to educate and train individuals in the field of “Use of Force Within the Law Enforcement Profession” while improving communication among California instructors.

    The Association’s purpose, through its membership, is to meet on a bi-monthly to quarterly basis, as well as a presenting a yearly “Two Day” intensive California P.O.S.T. Certified Training Conference.

    Meetings and training will effectively address the needs of force instructors by assisting them to implement the highest professional standards and conduct of such personnel.


    Re: Upcoming CAFI seminar June 18th 2008

    Thanks for posting that flyer. I hope we can get some KM Force Instructors to come to this training. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding this training or becoming a member of CAFI.

    Brent Ambrose


    Re: Upcoming CAFI seminar June 18th 2008

    The seminar was amazing you can read about it here on the CAFI website



    Re: Upcoming CAFI seminar June 18th 2008

    Thanks for the link, Sean. That sounds like it was a great seminar!

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