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    I have found a Krav Maga class in my area and it is advertised as “Warrior” Krav Maga. I would like to find authentic training and not a cardio kickboxing type class. Anybody know anything about it?


    I believe Warrior Krav Maga is an off shoot of Krav Maga World Wide. It was developed by a senior rank in the American Tae Kwon Do Association(ATA) to be taught in their locations. I have been taking classes at a warrior krav maga studio, where my kids take Tae Kwon Do, for almost 2 years. I have taken other classes at KMWW studios and find there is little difference. As with all Krav classes you will get fit and learn to defend yourself. My opinion is that it all comes down to how you relate with your instructor, not the brand of Krav Maga. Hope this helps…


    Ask the instructor where they learned krav maga and for how long? Hopefully it wasn’t just from one weekend seminar. From what I’ve come across, “Warrior” Krav Maga is different. It has elements of Krav Maga in it, but it also includes a mix of other defense systems and martial arts. The curriculum and tests are quite different (however, some KMWW certified schools teach Warrior Krav Maga, i.e. the ATA schools in Florida). What area were you looking at? You can look at the locations from Krav Maga associations (e.g. KMWW, KMA) to see if there is a location near you.


    The curriculum can be found by putting Warriorbroadcastnetwork, training videos into your search engine.
    My 2cents? It’s an excellent program that covers traditional KM but also places great emphasis on Boxing, Muay Thai, Kali stick and knife and Gracie JJ.

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