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    Re: What did you do in Krav Maga class today?

    Followed by one-two impact, roundhouse conquer exercises on the indian pads; tip: cautious not to let their leg hit your arm, you will have a group.. Curved off with more training in a limited area about 1.5m squared, getting encouraged returning in by two people on the outside.


    Re: What did you do in Krav Maga class today?

    Tuesday’s class was my 3rd in Level 1 and after warmp up we spent lots of your energy and energy working on jab/cross with hand protection, both fixed and moving backwards/forwards. My very first-time reaching hand protection, which turn out to be harder than just wailing away on a tombstone.


    Re: What did you do in Krav Maga class today?

    What did I do in KM class today?? Caught a bit of a “love tap” under the left eye… ;):

    OK, the serious answer is that we did some fairly typical warmups (stretches, shoulder-taps, calisthenics, bear-crawling, etc.) followed that up with straight punches, elbows, then trained against bearhugs from the front, with- and without-space between you & your attacker. As you can tell, it was a level-1 class, so I figured that I was just going to go for the aerobic workout, but it actually turned out to be a pretty good time, since I got to work out with several different people instead of sticking with the same partner during the whole class. Ended it with an eyes-closed training drill where the defender’s in the center of a circle with random people performing the bearhug attack -and yep, that’s where I got popped… Guess I need to pay more attention to defense, huh? thumbsup


    Re: What did you do in Krav Maga class today?

    Not tonight, but last night, we did ground-fighting. Defense against someone in mount or guard position while we were on our backs. Finished the session by defending against an aggressor in mount who’s holding a gun to our head. Good stuff. 😎


    Re: What did you do in Krav Maga class today?

    We had out hands zip tied together, and worked on gun defense, as well as striking, using our heads, elbows, feet, knees


    Re: What did you do in Krav Maga class today?

    this week I worked on various strangulations.


    Re: What did you do in Krav Maga class today?

    My 2nd class of KM. I’m quite out of shape – for the so called warm up, 25 jumping jacks, 25 pushups, then ran a big circle around the gym while at any time the instructor could yell out, SPRAWL! where we went down to a sprawl like Royce Gracie was about to shoot on us, then jumped back up, ran, he would call out sprint, where we’d 40 yard dash, SPRAWL, as Ken Shamrock was about to put us down, jump up, run, run, dash. Then squats, 10 fast ones, SPRAWL, as Dan Severn was about to shoot in on us. By this time I thought about 40 mins had gone by but upon looking at the clock, only 10. Then we planked, resting on our forearms while holding a pushup stance for an ungodly 2 mins. Another exercise or two, I forgot as my brain was panting for oxygen.

    After 20 mins of aerobic hell, we started the combinations:

    1) front snap kick, left, right jabs, elbow, knee, knee, SPRAWL! for a full minute, until I was looking to see if I could make a dash for the front door before he yelled sprawl again.

    2) Gun in back disarm. Turn left as left arm swings low and back, trapping his gun, right hand on his neck for control after a well placed elbow to his head. Couple of knees to his midsection to distract him, the grab the end of the gun and crank it out of his hand, then jamming it like a hammer fist to his head again, back off, palm butt to make sure the clip is in, rack it to make sure a round is in chamber, backing off and checking 360 to make sure no other incoming buddies of his. SPRAWL! (I’m not kidding) get up quickly, then throw the gun down and let partner do it.

    25 more pushups to stay jacked up – I was the last one finishing this. Then the stress test toward the end which was back to the combos, front low snap kick, left, right, elbow, knee, knee, sprawl, doing this for close to what seemed an eternity again, actually only a minute, when suddenly someone sneaks up from behind you with the gun again and jams it in your back, so you spin left, etc and disarm him/her again.

    With a minute left in the hour we all got in a circle, he brags on us a little and then everyone high 5’s everyone else and we’re through.

    That’s to the best of my recollection, though I may have left out a thing or two due to more oxygen deprivation at 6000 feet elevation.

    Our instructor’s been to Israel to train with the Wingate guys and throws in a lot of their stuff.

    As I limp toward the door, glad to be finished, I’m totally worn out but pumped and on a high. :woohoo:


    Re: What did you do in Krav Maga class today?

    5th class. The standard 20 mins of pu’s, jumping jacks, the plank for 2 mins, more pu’s, left, right, left jabs, elbow, knee , knee, sprawl – workout on tombstone and some more.

    Then 3 techniques
    1) mounted while on the ground from ground position, we learned if he has his arms on our chest to trap at least one of them, then shrimp and swing leg over his head and do an arm bar on him. If he tries to hit you first, hips up in a buck, which causes him to lose his balance and puts both hands in front and down by your head – which leads to the next technique.

    2) HIs hands down and by your shoulders or neck, you turn to the side and grab one of his wrists, then you take your other arm and lock around that same arm, then arch your back and straighten out and you do a Kumura on him.

    3) We learned our first Judo type technique. He’s front choking you, so you pull his hand away and out with left hand, twist to the left and come under his other arm with a face palm to his face, while stepping forward with left foot and advance with right, swinging right foot back behind his leg and coming back in a sweep of his calf, sweeping his leg out and you put him down with that Judo sweep. Our instructor also has black belt in Judo and blue belt in Braz. Jiu Jitzu. bow1


    Re: What did you do in Krav Maga class today?

    I don’t have a regular Krav Maga class due to I’m often travelling and my local class is intermittent anyway. So a lot of my KM practice is solo or with training partners when we can meet up.

    This is what I’m doing todyay:

    Before breakfast – I did 30 minutes of stretching to start the day. That’s a mix of yoga & pilates. Then feeling good and primed I did a set of one man drills: these are actually two man KM combat exercises but since I live alone and I was not in the gym, I do them alone. I visualize my opponent and give them hell! That’s just about another 20 minutes.

    Later today I’ll go for a high intensity run. That’ll be about 5km jog interspersed with 10 x 100M sprints – totally knackering!

    I mix up my training into stretching, drills, strength training and low / fast intensity runs. A good rounded program.


    Re: What did you do in Krav Maga class today?

    I Told you, this is the second class of the week the mondays we have something we call Sparring mondays.

    Self defence and ground survival… Yellow grade reviewed, Spiced with 130 push ups, in series of 10, 20, 30, 40 and 30 between kicking and punching combos (midle roundkick, low and groin combinations, left/right, left/hammer combinations) 25 pull ups in series of five repetitions 😛 50 sprawls in series of 10 repetitions… take breath!!!

    Hand grip scapes, crossed hand grip scapes, two hand grip scapes, neck grip scapes, back grip scapes (one/two hands), all with proper finishing attacs, of course.

    Falls, stand ups, “scapes” in all of the attac range, stop and control with arms (when his head is in left, right), semi-sprawl(take the nose and turn), sprawl, in the floor, in the floor to the body, fall and move on guard (left, right while kicking) And at the end a bit of shadow sparring with fall and stand up (basic and mma style) when instructor aka “torture man” says actually he is a good person… Sometimes ;):.

    And go for home in order to take a rest… At last!!!


    Re: What did you do in Krav Maga class today?

    Heavy bag drills, front, side and roundhouse kicks from the ground drills and diving for loose weapons with a forward momentum somersault/shoulder roll out of the way of the ground action. Managed not to get injured for that one.


    Re: What did you do in Krav Maga class today?

    Interesting class today: we focused on starting from the ground (either your partner is in your guard and you have a guillotine applied OR you have their back and are applying a RNC [rear naked choke]) and instead of your partner just tapping and you reset, your partner needs to go limp and you need to get up off the ground and into a better position. Having dead weight on you changes things up a lot…


    This week…:

    L4/5: handgun from the back (middle of the back, and off to either left or right side), defense against overhand stick both live or dead side, and baseball bat swing, long gun/knife/handgun/stick drill…!
    L3: Arm drag to a take down where you’re in a position to do an arm lock (not pure Krav per se) but awesome!


    1. Taught 3rd party active shooter
    2.. Next class stick on stick and long gun vrs long gun (assumption is weapon had malfunction in multiple attacker scenario)
    3. Assisted in large Level 1 chokes/hammerfist
    4. Overhand knife


    Saturday – Level 1 Test (found out I passed -super stoked)
    Monday – jab, hook, knee combo’s on focus mitts and then various chokes from behind and side

    Super sore, super tired but a hell of a workout

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