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    Hi, I’m new to Krav Maga, having gone to about 9 classes (twice a week). A couple weeks ago, while doing the 360 defense, I caught my left hand against my partners arm and my wrist got pushed side-to-side (not front to back) pretty good. It definitely didn’t feel broken, but it did develop a quarter size bruise, which went away after a couple days. I kept going to classes, wearing an ace bandage, but had trouble with pushups, heel strikes, choke defenses, etc with that hand. After about two weeks, I broke down and saw a hand/wrist surgeon, who diagnosed just a minor sprain. :): Unfortunately, I do have to take a few weeks off. My question is does anyone use any sort of wrist protection while they train.


    Re: Wrist Protection

    I generally don’t, but some wraps don’t hurt. There are a ton of ways to wrap them and I suggest you ask your instructor on they way they want you to wrap. Failing that, go to a local bookstore, find some Muay Thai books and follow the wrapping steps in there. The steps I encountered in the later option were the same promulgated by the first option when I was taking Muay Thai and I never hurt my wrist.


    Re: Wrist Protection

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    Re: Wrist Protection

    I don’t use any protection, but you could just start slowly to train your wrists. You should do the 360 defence a few times every training, after a while you will see that your wrist will get harder and you won’t get any problems with it again (hopefully). Or what you could do is to put some bandage on your wrist to give it a little bit more protection.


    Re: Wrist Protection

    I wear wraps, these ones in fact: which sell for under $3 a pair. I wrap them using method #3 from this page:


    Re: Wrist Protection

    You mean this? It will get better, over time, just like Danielos said. I say train without protection to build up the resistance, this way if you ever have to use that in the real World you won’t be as affected by the pain as your opponent.



    Re: Wrist Protection

    Those bruises look familiar. I’ve been there many times. Yes, it does get better. It generally doesn’t hurt the way it used to. On rare occasion there will be one spot on my wrist/forearm that will get tender.

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