Summertime is the most exciting season for kids of all ages—with school out of session, the months are filled with fun activities and games. However, kids can quickly grow bored of their vacation within the first few weeks. Instead of letting them sit in front of the computer every day, it’s helpful to enroll them in programs and have them engage in learning experiences. Read ahead for fun and healthy summer activities for kids in Los Angeles.

boy reading at a library

Summer Reading at the Library

Reading is always an adventure, especially for the young ones. Immersing them in a summer reading program at the library is the perfect way to capture their imagination, while activating their cognizance and keeping them sharp. Additionally, visualizing the words on the page as clear, mental images has been proven to be a valuable skill for children.

A trip to the local library presents the chance for you to let your kids explore through shelves of books and pick out the titles that interest them the most. This not only helps to instill within them a sense of ownership, but they also become attuned to their individuality and cultivate a drive that can help them stay aware of their interests, preferences, and decisions.

children coloring with dad

Embark on an Art Project Together

Get your child’s creative juices flowing as soon as the summer starts with a collaborative art project. Pull out the paint and brushes to work on an imaginative watercolor piece or encourage them to decorate the driveway with sidewalk chalk. You can also help your kids discover their artistry by joining in and taking turns drawing or coloring.

Though many summer activities for kids in Los Angeles feature trips to museums and conservatories, further cultivate their creativity by grabbing a pile of old magazines and creating a personal collage with specific pictures and words. By motivating them to pick and choose images that speak to them, they can identify with self-expression, convey their passions and interests, and decorate their room with unique pieces of art.

kids hiking

Hike the Great Outdoors

Although biking around and exploring the neighborhood is always a fun pastime, take your kids out to a State Park for an experience they will never forget. Letting them expend their energy while taking in the beauty of the natural world is one of the healthiest ways to cultivate peace, inner strength, and confidence.

Many popular hiking destinations can lead to waterfalls or lakes, so be sure to bring along their swimsuits and some snacks for a refreshing dip after a long trek. Having this end point can be an exciting source of motivation for your kids. For the best hiking trails, camping sites, and outdoor destinations, consider nearby State Parks and create a day trip out of it. Many State Parks also feature exciting summer activities for kids; in Los Angeles, there are more than enough events happening for you to find the perfect destination to take your kids!

mother and child at farmers market

Explore the Farmer’s Market

The farmer’s market is the quintessential summertime activity. In many towns and cities across the country, small businesses and vendors set up stands to sell organic produce and handmade goods. This is not only an exciting chance for your kids to witness an alternative to the superstore, but an educational experience to observe how each consumable product is carefully cultivated or handmade.

Farmer’s markets are also great for developing a sense of community. Take this opportunity to stimulate a conversation about proper etiquette and social skills. Encourage your kids to ask vendors about their goods and of the processes behind their production. This kind of socialization can make your kids feel more mature, while helping to develop their conversational skills.

Another aspect of farmer’s markets that will keep your kids interested is the entertainment. Whether it’s a musical performer, a balloon artist, or a face paint station, they will love engaging with the unique sights and people. As opposed to grocery shopping at the store, your kids will enjoy going from vendor to vendor, sampling new fruits and snacks, and browsing an eclectic collection of crystals, woven baskets, and more.

family cooking dinner

Have Spontaneous Cooking Projects

Nothing brings the whole family together like cooking a meal. Since cooking two to three meals per day on your own can get tiresome, keep the kids busy and learning by asking for their help in the kitchen. Instead of treating it like a chore, start with very simple tasks that require focus, like picking fresh herbs, scooping sugar, and measuring out cups of flour.

A few simple recipes that you can make with your children include handmade pesto gnocchi, tuna salad sandwiches, and an assortment of chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies. By teaching them to have a closer relationship with their food, you can promote a healthy diet, an ethical outlook on food production, and a positive attitude about avoiding junk food, all while having a great time.

Getting your kids involved in mealtime helps them find their way around the kitchen and builds the confidence they need to provide for themselves when the situation arises. It can also be beneficial to share with your kids the importance of taking responsibility for their chores. Show how making a meal for others or cleaning up after yourself in the kitchen is not only rewarding, but helpful in creating a happy home.

girl punch

Keep Your Kids in Shape with Krav Maga

Over the summer, many kids sit around, eat junk food, and get out of shape. If you want to keep your kids active and healthy throughout the long summer months, enroll them in a Krav Maga for kids course! Kids have a ton of energy that builds over the school year, so that when summer vacation finally arrives, they can be overwhelming and restless. Krav Maga presents a discipline where kids can funnel their energy into a contemplative form of practical self-defense.

Your kids will not only learn about combat and self-defense techniques, but will also acquire valuable life lessons, such as setting and achieving goals and peacefully resolving conflict. It also offers every opportunity to expend energy with high-intensity fitness in a safe environment where positive behavior is enforced. After a Krav Maga for kids session, they will be happily exhausted and ready to use their energy in a healthy and constructive way.

krav maga for kids

Krav Maga for Kids

Krav Maga has a strong immediate appeal for many kids. Introduce a self-defense system that emphasizes instinctive movement and teaches kids how to respond to bullying and other realistically confrontational scenarios. Krav Maga for kids teaches profound lessons about conflict resolution, self-control, and motivation, as well as challenges kids to cultivate inner-strength, expand their mindset, and grow physically strong. What may start out as an activity in keeping your kids healthily entertained for the summer could result in a transformative experience that lasts well into adulthood.

In addition to stimulating self-discovery and self-control, Krav Maga for kids is also a practice that values respect and apprenticeship. From their first day, kids engage with their trainers and learn to trust those who have been through the program. Krav Maga instructors serve as quality role models that uphold the integrity of the craft and keep your kids safe during the summer.

krav maga for children

Learning How to Set Goals

In most school settings, kids are locked into a curriculum—they are told what to do and are given objective goals to meet throughout the school year. Unfortunately, this can discourage children from setting their own personal goals and motivating themselves to achieve them.

Without proper instruction, it can be difficult for children to figure out how to set a goal and achieve tangible results. This summer, encourage your child to set and accomplish their own set of goals with clear guidance and training.

Krav Maga for kids personalizes a foundational structure with customizable goals, so they can train at their own pace, while being rewarded for smaller achievements along the way. They learn to embrace self-discipline, while witnessing their personal growth through the Krav Maga ranking system, which is designed to show that mastery of any practice is a slow and steady journey.

In the end, Krav Maga for kids is more than just another activity to occupy your kids during the summer. They’ll gain the skills to compete better in sports and set the foundation for a healthy life of exercise and long-term satisfaction. Set your kids on the path to a healthy life with Krav Maga for kids summer classes. They’ll have tons of fun, learn valuable lessons, and get in great shape.

sunset over the lake

As you prepare for a summer filled with fun activities, productive events, and lasting memories, enjoy connecting with your children and ensuring that they are utilizing their vacation time well. Although sitting them down in front of a television screen is an easy alternative to occupying their time, prioritize a healthy lifestyle that is fun, educational, and entertaining for the whole family.

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