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There may be myriad types of martial arts available, but none comes with the battleground-testing history of Krav Maga. Developed for the military in Israel and translated as “contact combat,” the philosophy behind this school of self-defense combines the best techniques from many sources with realistic fight training. This is exactly why, in our difficult and sometimes dangerous world, it is a necessity for women to learn how to defend themselves by attending classes in Krav Maga in Los Angeles CA.

Krav Maga Techniques Are the Best

Consider the words of Denise B., a student of Krav Maga in Los Angeles CA. She says, “I am very excited about learning and teaching Krav Maga techniques. It has made me realize how ineffectively a traditional martial art system prepares you for real life.”

That’s because Krav Maga teaches students to defend against all kinds of attacks in the most effective, most efficient way. Krav Maga aims to train you to counterattack as soon as possible and even to attack preemptively if necessary. Women learn to aim their attacks at the most vulnerable body parts, including the eyes, neck, groin, ribs and fingers.

For the Krav Maga Women Only Program, we conducted research with law enforcement officials and criminal prosecutors and used the valuable input they provided to develop the program.

Be Your Own Heroine

An attacker will feel the strongest advantage when a woman is alone. This is why our class in Krav Maga in Los Angeles CA teaches self-defense for women so they can become their own heroines if they have to face the danger.

Krav Maga trains women to stay aware of their surroundings while searching for escape routes and objects they can use to defend themselves and drive away attackers. It teaches women to handle attack situations physically, mentally and emotionally. What good will it do to know the right moves if you are going to fall apart or freeze in your time of need? Krav Maga builds womens’ fighting spirit and trains them to respond both mentally and physically in their time of greatest need.

Hands-on training takes place at Krav Maga Worldwide’s headquarter locations in Los Angeles. Instructors wear full protective padding so that students can practice doing a full contact counterattack, not a Hollywood act that holds back on the power.

How Do You Want to Feel?

Do you want to feel safer, stronger, empowered? Learning Krav Maga in Los Angeles CA will help you learn to spot danger signs and defend yourself even when there were no obvious signs. Often, an attack is unexpected, such as in date rape situations. Learn to defend yourself against choking, grabbing, bear-hugging and attacks that include weapons. It’s time to feel safe and in control. Contact us today!

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