become a krav maga instructorIf you want to professionally teach Krav Maga to students of any kind, you must become a Krav Maga instructor. Krav Maga is a self-defense system that is based on easy-to-use techniques, which allows it to be applied in real world situations. Krav Maga is the official hand-to-hand system of the Israeli Defense Forces, and many variations have been created for use by law enforcement and government agencies.

Why Become an Instructor?

There are many who wish to learn self-defense in order to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. Krav Maga allows those who practice the system to defend themselves against a variety of attacks in a variety of situations, because in real life, you never know what you will encounter. When you become a Krav Maga instructor, you will be teaching these interested students how to protect themselves and those important to them.

The exact process of becoming an instructor will vary on the Krav Maga Association you wish to go through. Oftentimes, to become a certified instructor, you must have reached a black belt ranking and be actively teaching or be a member of a law enforcement agency. The former will more likely spend time teaching Krav Maga to civilians who wish to learn the techniques and navigate through the rankings. The latter usually becomes certified in order to teach members of their agencies or departments the defense tactics that they will be using in the field. Either way, when you become a Krav Maga instructor, you will be helping others learn the world’s most effective self-defense system.

Law Enforcement Program

krav maga outdoor trainingKrav Maga Worldwide offers a program that members of law enforcement agencies can take on to become certified to teach the techniques of Krav Maga to their departments. This program must be completed successfully in its entirety before certification is awarded. Program attendees will focus on five different series, each comprised of training areas and modules, as well as lectures that cover auxiliary topics such as warming up, basic stretching, and training methods.

When you undertake the Krav Maga Worldwide program to become a Krav Maga instructor for your law enforcement agency, your curriculum will include detailed physical training, lectures, and opportunities for attendees to teach, plan, and execute mock lessons. You will learn from instructors that have years of experience specifically training law enforcement and military personnel. In fact, many of the instructors of the program are active-duty officers that are in a position similar to that which you are training for.

Learn From the Best, Be the Best

Whoever it is you aim to teach, your instructors will be proud to pass on their knowledge of the Krav Maga system. When you are certified and become a Krav Maga instructor yourself, you’ll not only be able to use these techniques to stay healthy and safe, but to help others in your community do the same.

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