IFBB Bikini Pro Model Brooke Mora Fitness Training at Krav Maga Worldwide™

What do Tom Cruise, Daniel Craig, and Leonardo DiCaprio have in common? They all use Krav Maga.

The combination of fierce street fighting, cardio, endurance, and physical power makes Krav Maga one of the most insane fitness programs ever. Celebrities use Krav Maga to get in shape and help prepare their bodies for high-action roles. Krav Maga produces results fast, so it’s ideal for those who use their bodies within their profession. If you’ve seen an action blockbuster in the last ten years, you’ve seen Krav Maga.

However, Krav Maga isn’t just used by male movie stars. IFBB, or the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness, uses models who maintain top physical shape and exercise regularly. The IFBB models are known for their strength and dedication. These are not your typical fashion models; IFBB Bikini Models are tough as nails and have the bodies to prove it.

How do they get such amazing, rock hard bodies? Ask IFBB model Brooke Mora, and she’ll tell you one thing: Krav Maga.

“I’ve never been to a class this insane,” says Mora. “I have never experienced this much cardio. I’m thirty-five minutes in, and I’m completely drenched. No treadmill workout compares to this. I will never get on a treadmill again.”

Better than a treadmill? That’s right. Say goodbye to your cardio equipment and hello to Krav Maga.

In addition to taking home dozens of bodybuilding awards, Brooke Mora dedicates her time to Krav Maga. This type of workout is ideal for Mora, as it provides high-intensity interval training while simultaneously increasing endurance and stamina.

Luckily, KMW offers Krav Maga class locations throughout the Los Angeles area, and they all help create crazy physical and mental results. Mora trains at these locations frequently in order to maintain her strength. Like many other individuals, it’s important that Mora maintain her physical health and keep her body in prime condition.

But there’s more to it than that – Krav Maga workouts are fun. How many of you have tried to lose weight, but can’t stand the traditional cardio workout? We don’t blame you. Most cardio workouts, such as treadmills and ellipticals, are exhausting and don’t produce efficient results. With Krav Maga, you’ll be exhausted, but you’ll see and feel the results in weeks. And you’ll have a blast.

At our Krav Maga locations, we’re dedicated to providing all different types of individuals with superior Krav Maga training. Our instructors are dedicated professionals with a passion for sharing the art of this amazing fitness and street fighting program.

Interested in learning more? Want a strong bikini body in order to increase your confidence? It worked for Brooke, and it can work for you. Strengthen your self-esteem, and enroll in a Krav Maga class today. Contact our offices, and we’ll hook you up with one of our many Krav Maga locations.

As Brooke says enthusiastically, “This has brought the fun back in cardio. Get into a KM Bag class now. You won’t regret it, and it will change your life.”


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