In February 2011, Police Sergeant and Krav Maga Worldwide™ Law Enforcement Instructor, J. Hart was asked to speak about active shooter mitigation to a group of risk management, security, and law enforcement professionals at Oakley’s headquarters in Foothill Ranch, CA. With that event, Force Training Institute was born.

Force Training Institute (FTI) is a sister company of Krav Maga Worldwide™ (KMW), which was founded for the purpose of expanding upon KMW’s mission to improve and save lives. While Krav Maga Worldwide's Force Training Division is focused on Defensive Tactics and Arrest and Control training, FTI offers a full spectrum approach toward the fields of crisis management, and both personal and organizational safety and security. Lead by J. Hart, FTI is comprised of a diverse and highly experienced group of subject matter experts with legal, corporate, risk management, security, military, and law enforcement backgrounds, who are all dedicated to advancing the safety and security of people, information, and property. FTI’s objective is simple: Empower its clients with the knowledge and skills to prevent a critical incident, and if necessary, take decisive action in a time of need.

10428025_1374780539483623_4720362440726936608_n“We are dedicated to the idea that knowledge increases confidence, confidence increases decisiveness, and decisive action in a critical incident is what saves lives,” says J. Hart, Director of Force Training Institute. Many will know J. Hart as a lead instructor for KMW’s Force Training Division, as well as one of the many talented instructors teaching at KMW’s West Los Angeles training center. J. is also a Sergeant for a major law enforcement agency in Los Angeles County, and has testified as an expert in law enforcement training, policies, procedures, and use-of-force issues. With over a decade of SWAT experience, J. is in charge of his agency’s Use-of-Force, Active Shooter, and Firearms training programs. He is also a certified POST Advanced Instructor, Force Science Research Analyst, and FBI Firearms Instructor.



FTI is excited to partner with KMW in offering unique training programs for KMW members and employees. These programs include live-fire firearms training, room clearing tactics (home defense), rappelling, and other high-speed courses custom designed for the Krav Maga practitioner and instructor. A goal of FTI is to leverage its law enforcement and military subject matter experts to enrich the Krav Maga Worldwide training experience.


savior_featuredFTI recently launched its first product, the MTS™ Multi-Threat Shield. The MTS™ is the lightest, most discreet, versatile, and affordable ballistic shield available. It weighs just 8 lbs. and has the appearance of a laptop computer bag. Whether the threat is an intruder or an active shooter, a quick flick of the wrist swiftly deploys a 3-foot long blanket of protection to defeat multiple impacts from most handgun, shotgun and pistol caliber sub-machine gun threats. The MTS' primary design is protection against threats from firearms. However, the MTS™ is a true multi-threat shield, offering protection from attacks with blunt objects and edged weapons, as well as punches and kicks. FTI will soon be offering Krav Maga Worldwide members and employees a special discount on the MTS™, as well as training courses on how to use the MTS™ with Krav Maga techniques and tactics to detect, deter, and defend against a lethal threat.

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Have you ever heard of a Krav Maga K9? Well, until recently neither did we… Force Training Institute, in partnership with Raul Hernandez, expanded its operations with the establishment of a canine division – FTI K9. With over 30 years of experience, Raul Hernandez is renowned for importing, breeding, and training the finest German Shepherds in the world – from puppies to full-grown experienced dogs.

Screen shot 2015-04-03 at 4.55.58 PM"What sets FTI K9 apart is the love, dedication, and passion we have for what we do. We have the experience and know-how to place the right dog in your home. The positive change our dogs make in people’s lives is what drives our team to work hard and always be there to support the FTI K9 customer. Our team is driven by two core values: Our love of dogs, and our dedication to improving people’s lives,” explains Raul Hernandez, Director of FTI K9.

FTI K9 selectively imports and breeds European German Shepherds for their intelligence, courage, temperament, and dependability. Our dogs are very carefully selected from the finest kennels of Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Netherlands, and Austria. The German Shepherds that are part of our FTI K9 Breeding Program consistently produce well balanced, driven, dedicated dogs with the solid temperament and grace that exceeds even the highest German standards required for the breed. FTI K9 German Shepherds are trained to exact standards at our 32-acre compound in North Central Florida. Our proprietary “real life” training methods prepare our dogs for agility, family protection, law enforcement, military, sport, and obedience. But first and foremost, an FTI K9 German Shepherd is a loyal, obedient, and trustworthy companion to you and your family - a friend that will give you the peace of mind that comes from having a vigilant protector for your home.

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