seminar_gordondefThe Krav Maga system is designed to mentally and physically prepare you for precarious situations, by teaching you conflict-resolution techniques and fundamental values like awareness and self-confidence. For both beginners and advanced students, attending Krav Maga classes has had a profound effect on their strength and self-control.

We’re introducing a revolutionary way to train with the Krav Maga Worldwide Academy—now, you can master Krav Maga online at the comfort of your own home. Training online has many benefits, including the flexibility to learn at your convenience and pace, while still working with experts, participating in discussions, and learning valuable techniques.

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Train Anytime, Anywhere

For many, making it to the gym can be a challenge. School, work, and other responsibilities can take the center stage, despite how much you’d like to get a workout in. The solution to an around-the-clock schedule is to enroll in a Krav Maga online course and train whenever and wherever you want.

With our new online training regimen, you have the freedom to engage in Krav Maga according to your schedule. Even if you have constantly fluctuating hours or an irregular schedule, you can utilize the online sessions to train when you can afford time. The limitations of the gym no longer apply when you can access Krav Maga online.

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Train At Your Own Pace

Everyone learns at their own pace. Though you may have felt the pressure at the gym to rush through new moves without coherent practice, you may have also felt restrained by waiting for the rest of the class to learn before moving forward. Training at the wrong pace can not only be an inefficient use of time, but it can also be detrimental to your Krav Maga technique.

With Krav Maga online, you will feel as if you’re attending a private session. With the resources and instruction of an experienced Krav Maga teacher at your disposal, you’ll be able to review a move, a method, or a segment as much as you would prefer.

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Work With Expert Instructors

Fitness and skill are usually accomplished with the help of a knowledgeable instructor. With the Krav Maga Worldwide program you’ll have direct access to an expert trainer who can guide you through the different lessons. Since our certified online instructors also work with students in the studio, you can depend on their expertise and guidance to cross over into new digital platform. You can review their instruction on-the-go, ask them personal fitness questions, or even work up towards testing for the next belt.

For those who like to engage in discussion regarding technique, form, and other general Krav Maga questions, join our Krav Maga online community for advice, recommendations, and information.

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Experience the Community Forum

If you feel that practicing Krav Maga online is lonely, join in with the participants in our strong, tightly-knit community forum. We host an online platform for students and teachers to come together and learn. To supplement the lessons with your virtual instructor, you can submit your questions and explore the responses of your fellow colleagues and instructors. Take part in the ongoing dialogue by connecting with others and making a real connection.

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Specialized Online Courses

In addition to the comfort and flexibility associated with learning online, Krav Maga Worldwide Academy also offers many levels. Since each student enters this defense system with a different purpose in mind, each training track has a unique and distinguished focus. While some utilize Krav Maga to get in shape, others are interested in preparing for real life situations. With several curriculums designed specifically for your personal goals, you can customize your training session by selecting the perfect course.

We currently offer six different tracks, including the introductory, fitness, children’s, and law enforcement tracks.

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About Krav Maga Track

The About Krav Maga Track is an introduction to Krav Maga, familiarizing you to the practice of Krav Maga from a historical perspective. You’ll learn about the Israeli Defense Forces, the founding principles of Krav Maga, and how the new style of Krav Maga has replaced old methods of defense. Since Israel’s independence, Krav Maga has been the hallmark of comprehensive self-defense tactics.

Though Krav Maga was developed by the hands of Imi Lichtenfeld when he became Chief Instructor for Physical Fitness and Krav Maga at the IDF School of Combat Fitness in 1948, knowing about its history, evolution, and recent development is a crucial part of your education.

After Imi retired from the IDF, he continued to modify and adapt the Krav Maga system for civilians. The first Krav Maga class open to civilians was offered in 1972 in Israel.

Since Imi continued to adjust his self defense system over the years, this dynamic self-defense program is suitable for anyone. Our training is suitable for a broad range of students, as the training not only emphasizes your preferences, but is also free of cost and customizable. No matter your fitness level, age, or combat training experience, this online system will teach you what to expect over the course of your Krav Maga training.

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Krav Maga Techniques Track

After your introduction to Krav Maga, the next course we recommend is the Krav Maga Techniques track. Focused on the core elements of this self-defense system, you will learn the techniques needed to master each belt level.

Though you can learn Krav Maga online, you must be invited to test at one of our facilities to earn your belt and continue on to the next level. While you can finish the online courses at your own pace, it is important to dedicate the time to fully understand the physical aspects of the course. With the proper guidance from our expert instructors, you can master Krav Maga online and take it to the next level.

In our experience, most students are ready for testing within a short amount of time. The average time to gain a brown or black belt is approximately three years.

Level 1: Yellow Belt—Testing after four months.

Level 2: Orange Belt—Testing after six months.

Level 3: Green Belt—Testing after nine months.

Level 4: Blue Belt—Testing after nine months.

Level 5: Brown and Black Belt—Testing after twelve months.

If your goal is to familiarize yourself with the Krav Maga self-defense system, there is no need to attend the belt testing.

As with any kind of training, your development will occur in stages. The speed at which you ascend through the stages is solely determined by how well you can grasp the concepts and master the principles. This is the perfect way to gauge your personal growth and progress, rather than passively passing through the ranks with a large group of learners.

You can look forward to many hours of detailed, professional instruction on each level of the online training. In the first section, you’ll receive training and learn to practice these essential Krav Maga techniques:

  • Stances and Movement
  • Punches and Chops
  • Elbow Techniques
  • Kicks
  • Knee Techniques
  • Punch Defenses
  • Ground Fighting
  • Self-Defense Techniques

Once you’ve completed the training for the white and yellow belts, you’ll be able to continue your sessions through each belt, all the way through to brown and black.

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Kid’s Program Track

As with the programs offered in our state-of-the-art facilities in Los Angeles, we also provide training for kids. Just as thorough as our other tracks, the Kid’s Program Track provides comprehensive and detailed training.

There are many reasons for kids to enroll in this particular program. It’s active, fun, and provides children with an engaging activity after school and during breaks. Krav Maga has an immediate appeal, especially to high-energy and restless kids. Our program will help to positively maximize their energy by perfecting self-defense skills and having fun.

The main focus of our children’s program is bully prevention. By teaching our students conflict-resolution and violence aversion, we give them the confidence to deal with bullies in a non-physical, non-confrontational manner. In fact, Anna Almendrala of the Huffington Post is convinced that if she had been enrolled in consistent Krav Maga classes at a young age, she would have had the confidence to stand up to bullying during her formative years. Instilling confidence in your kids at an early age is a quick way to create lifelong courage and confidence.

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Military and Law Enforcement Track

Since Krav Maga began as a military practice, its roots are closely linked to a highly successful and powerful self-defense system designed to help authorities incapacitate larger enemies. It’s the most efficient and functional defense system and thus, ideal for the military and law enforcement. Men’s Fitness Magazine agreed when it declared that Krav Maga was the most practical self-defense system.

With the Military and Law Enforcement Track, Krav Maga Worldwide has made it possible to practice official self-defense techniques utilized by law enforcement forces around the world. By teaching valuable combat techniques and non-violent methods, we hope to continue the tradition with our Krav Maga online program.

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Seminar Series Track

For those looking for additional resources and lessons about Krav Maga, we offer the Seminar Series Track. It’s an opportunity to learn advanced Krav Maga techniques and practices from expert trainers and teachers around the world. Rather than honing in on the physical aspects of the system, the seminars offer an inside look at special topics in self-defense. You’ll get exclusive access to seminars that have packed venues and provided loads of insight to many influential members of law enforcement forces.

Our current seminar topic is Defenses Against Handgun Threats. The first section of the Seminar Series is designed to teach you how to respond to a threatening situation involving a gun.

Though taking control of a hostile situation involving a handgun can be daunting, Krav Maga uses effective methods to disarm the combatant and neutralize the threat. This Krav Maga online class can help you to remain calm when threatened and gain confidence to neutralize any situation.

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Fitness Track

For many, Krav Maga is purely an athletic art. They use this system to reach their fitness goals and engage in a full body workout that trains your mind, body, and soul. The Fitness Track passes over pragmatic solutions to threatening situations and focuses solely on fitness and health.

The benefits of Krav Maga fitness are comprehensive, and include stress relief, enhanced vascular health, increased confidence, and improved social skills.

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An Introduction to Krav Maga

For those that find it intimidating to join Krav Maga classes as a novice, our Krav Maga online programs are the ideal way to familiarize yourself with fundamental self-defense concepts without feeling embarrassed, pressured, or distracted. Once you’ve completed the online Krav Maga courses, we would be happy to welcome you to our physical classes after an initial assessment.

For those who seek a more structured approach to practicing Krav Maga at home, our online program could be exactly what you need. With interactive forums and additional resources, you can practice anywhere with constant expert guidance.

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The Ultimate System

Students of all ages can benefit from our new Krav Maga online training program. Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home to ensure that you are in full control of your practice. Join the Krav Maga online community, where the goal is balance, health, and incredible self-defense. For more information, visit our page today and contact us with any questions, comments, or suggestions.

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