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Our Krav Maga fighting classes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level students teach you about all areas of real-world fighting techniques including attacks, defenses, timing, feints, tactics, movements, and vision. While we’re here to help you develop the right skills for sparring and ring fighting, our classes will also teach you how to use your skills in real-world situations. We emphasize down and dirty techniques — focusing on what is effective to win with no holds barred.

Intro to Fight

New to fighting? Start Here. This course will introduce students to the core strikes, blocks, and movements of Krav Maga in a step by step, methodical, and non-intimidating way. There will be minimal content at the beginning, and light sparring by the end at the discretion of the instructor. This is a 10-week course.

Fight 1

These are the core Krav Maga fighting classes. Fight 1 is for students who understand the basic mechanics of fighting. Students will sharpen their skills in basic punches, kicks, defenses, and combinations in a faster-paced environment. This course involves a sparring with a higher level of contact.

Fight 2

Fight 2 is a more advanced course for students to push themselves to a higher level training. This class introduced more physically demanding fighting techniques that build on the core mechanics and movements of previous ones.


Combatives is a Krav Maga fighting class focusing on strikes from basic punches to spinning kicks. Perfect your technique by drilling the fundamentals of a single strike, or practice effective combinations. These street fighting techniques are open to all Krav Maga Worldwide members.


Learn to defend against attackers wielding knives, handguns, long guns, blunt objects, and more. Your skills will be tested in stress drills and a variety of defense scenarios.

No Holds Barred Training

The Krav Maga Fight Program offers a variety of fighting classes in Los Angeles for men and women of all skill and experience levels. Our goal is to train fighters who are well rounded — whether you have to fight standing up or on the ground. Through this program, you’ll gain a wide variety of skills that will prepare you for any potentially dangerous situation.

Our no-rules system of fighting will help you with important skills to stay safe and survive a violent assault in the real world. Learn more about our Krav Maga fighting classes and our street fighting techniques when you reach out to us at our West LA and Sherman Oaks HQ Training Centers, or one of our 140 Official Training Centers across the world.

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