A talented group of veteran Krav Maga Worldwide® Instructors was in town this past weekend (10/10 - 10/13) to push their limits and expand their expertise by participating in the Expert Series Black Belt Preparation course. The training course was held at the KMW National Training Centers • West Los Angeles location and included approximately 32 hours of advanced technique training over four days!

The participants, a few of whom are KMW licensee school owners, came from points all around the country, and even abroad, to train at the KMW National Training Center (pictured left to right); Eric Sandahl  from The Budo Ryu School of Martial Arts in San Luis Obispo, California, Jeff Magness from Krav Maga Training Center Lakeway Elite Fitness in Austin, Texas, Vinay Chary from Krav Maga New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana, Brayson Buckner from Krav Maga Spokane in Spokane, Washington, Xavier Fa Asansio from Urban Training Center Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain, Scott Sanchez from Krav Maga Forsyth in Atlanta, Georgia, and Mike Flood (not pictured) from Krav Maga Orange County in Orange County, California!

These instructors/practitioners all have years of training and instructing to their credit and they pushed hard all weekend putting their ability and dedication on display. Thanks again, guys, for your hard work and determination. It is an inspiration to have such talented instructors, and just all around good people, in our KMW licensee family!! To learn a little more about some of the participants, and what brought them to start training in Krav Maga check out the video below!! 

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