I consider elbows your 'Best Friends' in a fight.  It doesn't matter how big or strong you are, you can use the extremely sharp bone in front of your elbow to do a ton of damage to an oncoming attacker.

Elbows are short range weapons, so you need to be in relatively close range to an attacker.  You can also use your elbows in any direction around your body, which makes them an extremely versatile combative.

Today's video focuses on what we call Elbow #1, or forward elbow.  The key to executing this attack effectively is to use your entire body, starting with your feet, then legs, hips, and finally your shoulder.  Tuck your thumb to your chest as you rotate and drive through the target, thus ensuring a small, sharp striking surface that can easily penetrate and do maximum damage to an attacker.  Be sure to recoil and get back to a good stance so that you can assess what to do next.  And then, as always... go home safe!

Ok, hope you enjoy the video this week.  Now go do some Krav Maga today!


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