Stay safe at home and train hard!
Use these videos to help!

Just because we are currently unable to go to training centers and practice the best reality-based self-defense system with live partners, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be practicing and pushing ourselves to get better.

We understand the frustration in not being able to train more than anyone. Krav Maga home training has a lot to offer however. All of our members and Krav Maga Worldwide enthusiasts should be using this time to progress in their training even though we are in atypical training circumstances. 

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Krav Maga Home Training Drill Ideas you can use today!

Krav Maga home training can be fun and challenging. You can review our lessons on the online Academy or check out these one minute videos from our Mittwork Monday series that you can put into action today! Krav Maga training should push your skill level as well as your conditioning and we’ve got a little bit of everything in these videos. 

You can add these drills and combos to your Krav Maga training at home when working solo or if you have a safe, trusted, partner to work with…even better. 

Here’s a cool combination that involves turning the opponent to set them up for a big, close range, finishing elbow. Remember when you are training Krav Maga at home, work all ranges of our distance continuum with your strikes. 

In contrast to the first video, here’s a video that gives some great tips on keeping opponents at the end of long range strikes. This is great for Krav Maga training at home if you are a longer, taller person…but it’s not exclusive to tall people. Solid fundamentals can always apply to anyone’s game. 

If you are training Krav Maga at home and have some equipment like a heavy bag or a grappling dummy (or both) you can work this easy drill that combines stand-up rounds with ground and pound/top-control work. This is a great way to push your cardio, build power in your strikes, and get some ground work in! You could flip the dummy over and work strikes from the bottom or guard drills as well during the ground phase of the drill. 

When you are doing your Krav Maga training at home, don’t forget that we are a no holds barred system. Remember to include strikes like eye-gouges, throat-strikes, and headbutts in your training. This combo involves the headbutt, which should be delivered with the portion of the head “eyebrows and above” to the soft targets of the opponents face “eyebrows and below”.

Here’s another drill you can work when training Krav Maga at home or doing a Krav Maga home workout that involves spacing and distance. Remember that Krav Maga self-defense is often about getting away from an attack or assault and creating space is key to that. Use this combination while training at home to reinforce good principles. 

Sometimes you are going to have to improvise when doing a Krav Maga home training workout. Here’s one of our instructors and his wife training on some fundamental self-defense striking. They didn’t have focus mitts to work with so they used their hands! You might not be able to throw strikes with as much power but Krav Maga striking combos to hands can still be beneficial for working timing, placement, and again, principles involved. This combo is all about getting an attacker’s hands to come up so you can throw a knee to the groin!

Finally, here’s a two minute conditioning round with Krav Maga Worldwide® Fitness Director Tina Angelotti! Do this round along with her and get some great Krav Maga home training conditioning work. This is a great way to structure your Krav Maga home training workouts in general. Two or three minute rounds of conditioning work combining striking skills and fitness elements like dynamic flexibility!

You can use all of these videos to create fun and dynamic Krav Maga workouts you can do at home! Krav Maga home training should be something that reinforces skills and principles while building your general strength and conditioning. 

We all want to get back on the mats and start training again…and we will. Make sure you are training Krav Maga at home so that you will be a better version of yourself when return!

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