At Krav Maga Los Angeles, we want you to be tough. However, that doesn’t mean we want you to put violence first. In fact, we define “tough” as being able to stand proud and confident in any situation. Of course, we will show you some valuable self-defense moves to enable you to fight back if needed. In the beginning, we will teach you something even more valuable: the basic principles of self-defense to avoid or defuse a violent situation.

One of the first things Krav Maga Los Angeles instills in its students is how to be more aware. This means knowing what situations make you vulnerable and how to overcome those circumstances. For example, if you are alone in a shopping mall and notice that someone is following you, find a large crowd of people to walk with so you are not an exposed target. If there is still an issue, find a mall security guard to escort you to a safe place. There is no shame in asking for help. In fact, the best fighters know to save their strength and pick their battles wisely.

Another way Krav Maga Los Angeles teaches you to avoid a violent confrontation is to verbally de-escalate the situation. Rather than yelling during a confrontation, speak calmly and confidently. This shows that you are coming from a place of strength. Be sure to keep your cool and try to talk things through in a rational way. Don’t put others down or make them angrier. Show that you care about what they are trying to say.

Of course, you are not always going to be able to stop violence before it starts. That’s where the efficient self-defense techniques taught at Krav Maga Los Angeles come in use. Our style of self-defense focuses on the idea that if you have to fight, you must be as aggressive as possible. If there is going to be a fight, someone is most likely going to get hurt and we want to ensure that it’s not us. In this vein, one of the smartest things you can do is act preemptively to stop the attack before it starts. This is where situational awareness comes into play. Alternatively, fight back as soon, and as aggressively as possible.

If you must attack, target particularly weak areas such as the eyes, groin, and knees. The goal here is to injure the attacker enough so they will not go follow you. After the first few classes with us, we will detail specific techniques to knock out your attacker with swift moves towards targeted areas.

Krav Maga Los Angeles is top-notch when it comes to self-defense training. In addition to being an upscale health club to get you fit, our principles instill self-confidence in our students. Krav Maga gives you the skill to fight if needed, as well as the wisdom to avoid physical violence if possible. Eager to learn more? Come in to one of our studios to speak with a representative about what Krav Maga can offer you.



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