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No parent ever wants to imagine their child being faced with a terrifying scenario. Yet, as kids grow up, it’s inevitable that they will spend less time under your protection and more time on their own. This is a part of life, and the only way to keep kids safe is to educate them.

Whether a child is on the playground at school, riding bikes in the neighborhood, or at a sleepover with friends, being aware of basic safety rules will go a long way in keeping him or her protected. However, the aim should be to empower kids, not make them afraid of the world around them. Teaching them to avoid bullies and be wary of child predators simply isn’t enough. They also need to know how to physically defend themselves.

The Krav Maga Self-Defense for Kids Program

Our Krav Maga Santa Monica classes offer kids a training program that can also develop life-saving instincts and physical strength. It makes a great supplement to the safety lessons most children are already learning from their parents, such as how to dial 911 in an emergency and how to recognize when to be wary of strangers.

With our program in Krav Maga, Santa Monica’s children can have self-defense training that includes:

  • Practical exercises with real-life scenarios, such as an attack by a kidnapper
  • An environment focused on learning, not competition
  • Repetitive, though not boring, learning techniques that have been proven effective
  • Age-appropriate training
  • An education on conflict resolution and why violence should always be the last resort
  • A program that can greatly increase physical fitness and emotional health through the benefits of exercise

Krav Maga and Self-Esteem: How Confidence Can Save a Child’s Life

As most parents are already aware, bullying is an escalating problem in the United States. When you think of how bullying relates to Krav Maga, you might imagine your child having the ability to fight off a physical attack. This is a valuable skill, but the Krav Maga Santa Monica program can help your child onto a path of greater success.

As a child sees him or herself improve with the Krav Maga practice, confidence and self-esteem will develop. In Krav Maga, people are individuals who fight their battles for themselves, and a child’s practice is unique. It takes time, but as the training works its magic and the child learns discipline and determination, he or she will also develop assertiveness and self-confidence that can greatly aid in settling conflicts with bullies and staying calm in other dangerous situations.

At the same time, improvements in physical fitness will fight against the physical aspects of depression and anxiety, which, unfortunately, many young people are dealing with today.

The Krav Maga Santa Monica km-X™ Youth Program

Our program teaches self-defense for kids in a fun, supportive, and effective way. We stress function over form, teaching kids to use their natural reflexes to defend themselves with efficiency. If you’re interested in our Krav Maga youth program, please contact us today. Krav Maga Worldwide’s qualified trainers are ready to supply your kids with an education that can enrich and protect them for the rest of their lives.