Choke Against a Wall...

(Or in this case a car!)

Here is the situation:  An attacker wraps his hands around your throat squeezes, and slams you up against a wall, a tree, a car, etc.…  We must defend against the immediate threat, which is his hands around my throat, but we must also prevent head or spine injury from getting slammed against the wall.  This is a very common attack in crimes of passion or domestic violence situations, where the attacker is trying to use power and strength over someone.  It can happen at any time and any place, as the attacker does not need a weapon to initiate this attack.

As the attack comes on, the goal is to do a fall break against the wall to disperse the power of the slam over your body and arms, instead of it being focused on the head or spine.  Race your hands and arms to the wall and tuck your chin if possible.  Once on the wall, we have to keep a few things in mind while executing our defense.

The attacker is pouching forward and likely up, so the places that I won’t be able to move are forward into him and down.  I need to stay attached to the wall, and must modify my regular choke defense due to the lack of space.  To do this I reach my hand up as high as I can, (think 12 O’clock) and my other hand as low as I can (6 O’clock).  From there I must dip my shoulder down (with the 6 O’clock hand) and draw a u shape with it on the wall.  This allows me to stay ‘attached’ to the wall and prevents me from moving forward into the choke.  I then rotate my body and arm past that, applying immense pressure with my entire body against the attackers wrists.

** Tip: Be sure to keep your bicep tight to your own ear on the 12 O’clock hand to ensure that you defend at the attackers wrist, which is a weak point in his attack **

After the choke is released, and you can breathe, slam your elbow as hard as you can into the attackers face, and then turn towards the attacker, set your feet in a good fighting stance preferably to the outside or ‘dead’ side of the attacker, and give counter attacks until he is no longer a threat.  From there assess the situation, and go home safe!

Ok that’s all for now, enjoy the video, be safe, find a Krav Maga Worldwide location near you, and… GO DO SOME KRAV MAGA TODAY!

- AJ Draven - Twitter: @AJDraven

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