There are not a lot of things more dangerous than a knife attack or threat.  Knives are  unpredictable, and can be used in so many different ways that we have to be extremely careful when creating our defenses.

In this particular scenario, the attacker is threatening me with the knife against my throat.  There are only a few ways that I can move without getting cut, slashed, or stabbed.  My movement will change based on which part of my throat the knife is placed on.  In this video, we will focus on the knife to the left side of my throat.

The goal is to control the weapon while sending an effective strike to help maintain control, prevent oncoming attacks, and eventually take the weapon away.  If I rely on controlling the attackers hands without throwing a strike, I must be faster and/or stronger than my attacker, and that is not always the case.  As usual, we must prepare for the worst situation, and the only assumption that we should make is that we must strike as quickly as we can to an area that is likely to illicit a response from our attacker.

Ok that’s all for now, enjoy the video, be safe, find a KMW Krav Maga location near you, and… GO DO SOME KRAV MAGA TODAY!

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-AJ  @AJDraven


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