Learning Krav Maga is no easy task. People expect to learn Krav Maga quickly and become masters over night, but that is not the case. There is a lot of practice that goes into training and it is a good idea to get in bonus practice and studying whenever and wherever you can. One method that you may find helpful to your training is seeking out Krav Maga videos. Krav Maga videos can help you visualize moves and gain a wider perspective on Krav Maga. Here’s why videos can be a helpful component of your training.

krav maga techniquesPrepare You Before Beginning Classes

If you have yet to start classes, watching a few videos may just be what you need to help prepare for training. If you want to know what to expect from class or want to begin studying a bit early, watching a few videos is good preparation. Start by pulling up some beginner videos to get a feel for Krav Maga. If the school you’ll be attending has a Youtube channel, even better! See what types of videos they have on their page.

Help You Gain Perspective

Watching videos may just help you gain some perspective and ultimately further your learning. If you have yet to start classes, watching videos makes for a great way to really put things into perspective. Before you begin to fantasize what class “might” be like, you’ll be able to get a better taste for what’s really in store. If you’re the type of person who likes to go into new experiences prepared, watching videos is a handy means to do so. For those who have been attending classes, videos are useful study tools, especially if your instructor has recommendations.

Can Help You Narrow Down Your Own Room for Improvement

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Are you looking to perfect the basics? Krav Maga videos could just be the ticket. Watching videos can help you narrow down areas that you need to work on, taking you one step closer to nailing the basics in Krav Maga. Aside from just learning the moves, you want to make sure you are perfecting each and every one with proper form. When you watch videos, pay special attention to the form used.

Makes for an Ideal Alternative

Perhaps reading about Krav Maga methods and techniques isn’t your thing. That’s where videos come into play. Videos make for a vivid alternative learning method. If reading about different techniques is confusing, perhaps watching a video will provide clarity.

Hit Record!

After watching all those videos, you may opt to hit the record button on your own camera to tape yourself when you practice. Taping yourself enables you to watch yourself practice in real time so that you can focus on your form and see whether you are truly perfecting each move. Of course you don’t have to post your video, but you could just use it to watch back and learn from.

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Not Sure What to Watch?

With so many videos out there, it may be hard to determine which videos are truly the best to watch. If you find yourself unsure of what to start watching ask your instructor. They’ll probably have links to useful resources and be able to make great recommendations. Aside from videos, your instructor may also have other sources that you’ll want to check out to further your learning.

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