3 best self defense moves for women with Krav Maga

Krav Maga Worldwide Affiliate, Krav Maga Maryland, show us self defense moves that will make you feel more confident in the event of an attack.

Krav Maga Maryland trains their students in physical safety in the event of an attack. The instructors push to empower ordinary people to be ready, should the unthinkable occur. They offer self defense classes with incredible trainers who urge women to learn these three moves:

#1- Bear Hug from behind

This move is a very aggressive response if you are ever being attacked from behind. Krav Maga director Jeff Mount explains that the first thing to do is drop your weight so the attacker can not pick you up as easily, and then immediately deliver strikes until you turn to face your attacker and keep fighting back.

#2- Buck, trap and hold

In an event that an attacker is sitting on top of you on the ground with their hands on your throat, Jeff Mount explains, that the best thing to do is to buck your hips up in a violent motion, while ripping the hands off your throat, then fiercely roll the attacker and strike until you are on your feet.

#3- Gun defense

Jeff Mount explains that defending yourself if you are being held at gunpoint is super important, and there is a move to combat that attack. Mount says that the best thing to do is move the firearm if pointed at you, burst forward and push weapon at the attacker pinning the gun to their body, and give strikes and punches until you disarm them and run away until safety.

Mount explains that even if you aren't dealing with a violent attacker, learning these moves will give you confidence to be prepared in case a situation occurs where you need to defend yourself.

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