Krav Maga Worldwide™ is proud to announce CAMP X in Barcelona!

Similar to our first Krav vs. Wild, CAMP X is a three day, two night camp where participants will get to live and feel extreme experiences. There will be many opportunities to test Krav Maga concepts and techniques in this unique environment. Training will include 48 hours in a combat environment. Training will include: silent weapons handling and neutralization of enemies armed with guns, night kidnapping and more.

Krav Maga Worldwide™ Barcelona Camp X 2014 will be held in the village of "Castellbisbal", a half hour drive from Barcelona and very near the train stop RENFE Rodalies Castellbisbal. The 2014 edition of the camp will be held from 11 to 13 July and will feature Instructors Jon Pascal and Andres Bravo.


The Krav Maga Worldwide Barcelona Camp X is for everyone. This amazing training will be educational and exciting for those with and without Krav Maga or survival training experience. This program will deal with times where verbal negotiation is no longer an option and any hesitation can lead to kidnapping, rape or other life threatening situations. You may only have one chance to survive or protect a loved one. Don’t miss this training! ALL OF THE TRAINING WILL TAKE PLACE IN A SPECIALIZED MILITARY ENVIRONMENT.


  • Physical Training: Military Fitness / Military Cross-training
  • Krav Maga: H2H- Combat / Hand to Hand Combat
  • Krav Maga: Combatives, Self-Defense, Defenses Against Knife Attacks and Knife Threats, Defenses Against Handgun Threats, Defenses Against Long Gun Threats, Defenses Against Blunt Weapon Attacks.
  • Krav Maga: Combat-circuits, Combined personal defense and combat shooting. (With simulated weapons)
    Hostage Situations: Practices to avoid being taken hostage and if taken, how to increase your chances of surviving a kidnapping.


  • Armament
  • Handling a Long gun
  • Low Light Training
  • Presentation of night-landing of Normandy and World War II

Tents and showers.

Participants should bring their own food. Small trips into town will be made to allow participants to purchase food.

Hiking or military type boots or sneakers, and training clothes are advised. Please bring enough clothes for three days of training.

Highly recommended for men and women to bring groin protection, sleeping bag, flashlight, toilet paper, cap/hat, sunblock, and insect repellent.


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