Krav Maga Worldwide’s Fitness Director, Tina Angelotti has been on fire these past couple of months; she has been raising her eight month old daughter, helping others become stronger, more fit, and safer, AND she is set to become one of a handful of elite fitness athletes pioneering the sport of “Grid,” or Human Performance Racing under the banner of the NPGL or National Professional Grid League.

Tina_Angelotti NPGL Krav Maga FitnessIn April, Tina participated in the NPGL combine in Los Angeles and her race scores qualified her for one of 250 spots for the national Grid combine in Las Vegas. For three days (June 16 - 18) in Las Vegas, Tina and the other athletes competed in a grueling series of Human Performance Races, with roster cuts coming at the end of each day of competition. Tina’s performance in the competitions kept her off the cut lists and earned her a spot on one of two teams in the combine’s final race. Unfortunately, Tina’s team lost the match by a very slim margin.

Despite the loss in the final match, Tina’s effort and ability qualified her for a spot in the pool of athletes eligible for the upcoming NPGL Draft, which will take place on July 10th. Eight NPGL teams from across the country will be filling their rosters from this pool of athletes who competed at the national combine, and the NPGL season will get underway in August. It is a good bet that Tina is going to be snapped up by one of these teams as she is already being recognized as an elite level talent in Grid competitions.

See what the sport’s insiders have to say about Tina here. 

This is a huge accomplishment for Tina, and we at Krav Maga Worldwide™ are enormously proud. Tina has done so much to help our members achieve their own Krav Maga and fitness goals, and we are very excited that she has a chance to become a professional athlete with the NPGL!

Congratulations, Tina!


 /// Updated July 10, 2014 ///

Update: It's official: Krav Maga Worldwide™ Fitness Director, Tina Angelotti makes the National Pro Grid League. On July 10, 2014, it was announced that Tina was officially drafted by the New York Rhinos.


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