"This Workout Will Give You Some Killer Moves -- Literally"

Huffington Post Editor, Anna Almendrala, took a Krav Maga Worldwide Level 1 class this past weekend and had much to say about it; "Would We Go Back: Yes, and here's why," said Anna.

READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/anna-almendrala/krav-maga-_b_4784896.html

A special thank you to KMW Instructor, Gabe Khorramian for teaching a great level 1 Krav Maga class; to KMW Instructor, Mike Burton, for being interviewed; and to Davis Dulnuan and our amazing KMWNTC Sherman Oaks staff for their hospitality.

Thank you all!

Go do some Krav Maga today.