"This Workout Will Give You Some Killer Moves -- Literally"

Huffington Post Editor, Anna Almendrala, took a Krav Maga Worldwide Level 1 class this past weekend and had much to say about it; "Would We Go Back: Yes, and here's why," said Anna.

READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/anna-almendrala/krav-maga-_b_4784896.html

A special thank you to KMW Instructor, Gabe Khorramian for teaching a great level 1 Krav Maga class; to KMW Instructor, Mike Burton, for being interviewed; and to Davis Dulnuan and our amazing KMWNTC Sherman Oaks staff for their hospitality.

Thank you all!

Go do some Krav Maga today.

Ken Hylind

Husband, dad, marketing wizard, graphic designer, multimedia assassin, Krav Maga enthusiast, musician, dj, songwriter, artist, and sarcastic, East Coast-style wise-ass.

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