DisarmedWe're excited to announce that our very own A.J. Draven, who teaches at our West LA Training Center, and has trained many Krav Maga Worldwide licensees, was awarded BREAK OUT ACTION STAR for 2009 at the Action On Film Festival in Pasadena, CA.

Together, with his production team at In-Motion Pictures, AJ has produced, starred in, and fight choreographed 3 movies. Aj's latest movie, titled "Disarmed," was nominated for 7 awards at the Action-On Film Fest, including Action Picture of the Year, and Best Fight Choreography, a credit which he shares with fellow Krav Maga Worldwide instructor, Kevin Lewis.

Congratulations AJ for your well deserved award! And congratulations to both AJ & Kevin for your additional nominations!

Stay tuned for more details on the release of A.J.'s latest movie "Disarmed." Click here to watch the trailer.

"Disarmed" — an action-packed thriller about a Marine fighting to clear his name and save the lives of millions put at risk when top secret weapons fall into the wrong hands — features jam-packed action sequences and more exciting Krav Maga per moment than you could possibly imagine.

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