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Kelly Campbell, a 3rd degree black belt, is the highest ranking female instructor in the United States. She is a senior instructor and holds two official titles at Krav Maga Worldwide™; the Director of Instructor Development, and Training Coordinator for the Licensing Division. She is certified in a number of other specialties including; Train the Trainer, Civilian Law Enforcement Instructor, and ASST (Adrenal Stress Scenario Training). She is also a certified km-X™ Instructor (Krav Maga Worldwide™ youth program), and is a single mother of a teenage boy. This combination of expertise and life experience makes her a highly sought after role model for other women.

"It's really important to respond [to an attack] and strike *hard* so that you can eliminate the threat and get away" - Kelly Campbell

Matt Romond, the youngest member of Krav Maga Worldwide™'s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) - the Committee that systematically reviews all of the techniques and teaching methods in the Krav Maga Worldwide™ system - is a 2nd degree Black Belt, and is the Director of km-X™ (Krav Maga Worldwide™ youth program). Matt is also one of a handful of lead licensing instructors who are charged with training and testing other Krav Maga instructors from around the world.

“It is an amazing feeling to be able to help create something that has a positive impact on people’s lives.” - Matt Romond

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