As the weather heats up for summer, and tops out around 100 this week, it is more important than ever to drink your water!

Over 70% of our body is water, and among countless other things, water is crucial for the athlete for joint lubrication, electrical signaling of nerve transmission, and energy metabolism.  Acute dehydration can prevent the breakdown of food, as most digestive processes begin with hydrolysis: chemical breakdown by water.   Short term dehydration can cause fatigue because the final step in energy metabolism requires water, and without it, we cannot produce cellular energy as efficiently. Fatigue, mental fog and sluggishness can also be symptoms of short term dehydration because, without water to carry electrical signals, nerve transmission cannot work, and the messages between the brain and body are not received properly. Long term dehydration can lead to joint damage from dried out joint capsules and soft tissue.
But how much do you need?

Everyone should start with half their body weight in ounces of water daily:

Body weight  


= Ounces of water


Then, add more water if you drink coffee, soda, alcohol, or any other diuretic. You need to replace the water it causes you to lose:

Body weight


 +  oz Coffee x 1.5  =  Ounces of water


Then, make sure you are drinking a full bottle of water during your workout (with added sea salt as per my last blog!):

Body weight 


+    oz Coffee x 1.5   +    Water during workout   =  Ounces of water daily


Example:  Male weighing 160lbs, who drinks 8oz of coffee and workouts.  He needs:

80   +    12   +    20   =  112 ounces of water today

Remember: only water counts towards this total!  Teas and juices are NOT water and do not count!

What kind of water do you need?
Room temperature, filtered spring water, is best.  Electrolyte enhanced water can be easily replaced by sea salt.  Avoid alkaline water during meal times, as it alters the pH of your stomach and disrupts digestion.  Iced or chilled water during mealtimes should also be avoided.  The stomach is a muscle, and drinking ice water during a meal is the equivalent of icing your muscles in the middle of the workout.  Avoid artificially flavored water.  If you have trouble drinking plain water, try adding some fresh lemon, lime, mint or cucumber.  And if you feel dehydrated, or have a headache-just add a pinch of sea salt to your water ☺

Stay hydrated and enjoy the heat!


Lindsea Burns
Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP)
Clinical Nutritionist


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