Do you already have a history with Krav Maga and want to begin practicing again? Or are you a complete beginner looking for more information about this world-renowned Israeli fighting style? Either way, our academy of self-defense has the answers you’re looking for. At Krav Maga Worldwide Sherman Oaks, we offer a number of different classes and instruction levels.

Our Krav Maga courses come from an intensive training program that can give you the skills you need to protect, challenge, and better yourself. Krav Maga’s brutal fighting tactics have been battle tested, proving their worth. There’s a reason this fighting style is used by law enforcement and military officials all around the world. In a life-or-death situation, you’re going to need something effective. You’re also going to need to trust yourself, and classes at Krav Maga Worldwide Sherman Oaks can give you both.

The Entry-Level Class

Krav Maga Worldwide Sherman Oaks offers a class designed to help beginners build a solid foundation. As a beginner, you will be learning how to punch, kick, and block effectively. If you can commit to practicing and attending classes two to three days per week, you can expect to graduate the entry-level class within about four months. From there, you can test for our level two class.

The Level Two Class

This is the yellow belt class. It’s designed to help students use the basic skills they learned in the entry-level class with more efficiency. Along with additional punches, counterattacks, headlocks, and strikes, students will also be taught about other technical fighting strategies such as timing and the perception of distance. This class will take approximately six months to complete if you train two to three days each week.

The Level Three Class

This orange belt course could be considered our intermediate class. It continues to sharpen the skills and instincts that have been developed in earlier training. You will begin to refine your stand-up striking and defensive techniques, develop ground-fighting skills and begin training against weapons (gun, knife, and stick). This curriculum should take around nine months to complete if you commit to practicing two to three times per week.

The Level Four Class

This is the green belt class. In it, you will learn advanced ground fighting skills as well as how to handle attacks involving multiple people. We also expand on weapons defenses by introducing different weapons and scenarios. If you practice two to three times each week, it will take you about 12 months to complete level four and move on to test for level five.

The Level Five Class

This class includes both the blue and brown belt. It offers the highest level of training that you can receive at Krav Maga Worldwide Sherman Oaks, aside from our law enforcement course. When you reach level five, you will feel very sure of your ability to protect yourself! However, your skills can still be sharpened and improved. In our level five class, you will learn additional fighting techniques, as well as third-party protection.

Krav Maga Worldwide’s academy of self-defense can give you life-enriching confidence and provide the skills you need to protect yourself in any situation. We offer a safe and comfortable learning environment where you can get into great shape while learning to defend yourself. We even offer free nutrition seminars on the first Thursday of every month at our Krav Maga West LA location. Contact us today to get started with Krav Maga.


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