Earlier this summer, Krav Maga Worldwide hosted an epic, outdoor retreat for Krav Maga enthusiasts and newbies alike.  The retreat provided a rewarding and intense

Krav Maga experience, and heightened the wilderness survival and fighting skills of everyone involved.  The event? Krav vs. Wild III.

Krav vs. Wild III - Krav Maga History Was Made!

It was a hot, summer evening in the middle of nowhere. There wasn’t much around, except for trees, live animals, and 65 Krav Maga-hungry individuals.  Crickets chirped, the stars glimmered, and Krav Maga warriors navigated their way through the wilderness. These folks had gathered for Krav vs. Wild III, an event that was designed to combine outdoor survival skills with the increasingly popular Krav Maga workout program.  Krav Maga vs. Wild is in it’s third year, and has developed the retreat so that participants walk away with a holistic understanding of outdoor survival.

Krav vs Wild III

This amazing, one-of-a-kind event offered individuals a plethora of opportunities to hone their skills. On night number one, campers sharpened their ability to navigate through the darkness, practiced hand-to-hand combat in messy sandy pits, and participated in a mock intelligence mission.

There was no “taking it easy” the next day, either. Participants woke up at the crack of dawn and promptly squeezed in a cardio workout before learning how to forage and build their own outdoor weapons.  The rest of the day consisted of smaller classes, which focused on paintballing, navigation skills, archery, weapons, and rock climbing. The group was a broad mix of individuals at different levels of Krav Maga, but they could all agree on one thing: they were having a blast.

The Krav Maga Workout Experience: Skills Learned at Krav vs. Wild III

Here are just a few of the things individuals were able to learn at Krav Maga vs. Wild III.

-          Krav Maga Training In Non-Permissive Environments

-          Hiking / Bushcraft / Camouflage

-          Long Rifle – Survival Marksmanship

-          Survival Shelter Building

-          Archery / Tomahawk

-          Marksmanship/Force on Force – Paintball

-          Emergency Navigation / Survival Signaling and Communication

-          Wilderness Orientation/ Dangerous Animal and Plant Identification

-          Survival Foraging and Fire-Craft

-          Survival First Aid / Gunshot Wound Trauma

-          Improvised Weapon Development and Training

-          Team Tactics

-          Individual and Team Competitions

Not a very short list, now is it?

Participants agree: Krav Maga vs. Wild was a success for it’s ability to provide a unique experience that encouraged self-confidence.  These annual events are all led by caring and devoted instructors, all of whom came directly from Krav Maga Worldwide. The instructors also maintain strong law enforcement or military backgrounds; every single one has served as either a U.S. Marine, Coast Guardsmen, or Army Ranger.  This worked out perfectly, as many participants were active in law enforcement or the armed forces themselves.

That being said, the group of participants was still incredibly diverse.  People came from all over the United States, and some even came from out of the country! Some boasted lots of Krav Maga experience, while others had none. The instructors were there to help guide participants so that they find a pace that worked best for them.  Because campers were at a variety of levels, each individual walked away with his or her own experience.

Many campers especially enjoyed the team-building aspects of the event.  They understood that everyone had strengths and weaknesses, and instructors and participants alike were ready to help each individual reach his or her potential.

Krav vs. Wild III was not only a fun event; it helped enthusiasts develop new skills that could be applied to real world situations.  With such a variety of classes, as well as a hands-on approach to tackling the hardships of the outdoors, campers turned what would have been a routine-weekend into a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Would they do it again? The general consensus seems to be: absolutely.

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