Interested in sharpening your fighting and wilderness skills? Then get ready. Krav vs. Wild III is here.

What is Krav vs. Wild?

An adventure. A physical training experience. An intense wilderness program that sharpens your Krav Maga skills and allows your inner warrior to thrive. At Krav vs. Wild, participants will get the unique opportunity to practice Krav Maga skills in the heart of the wilderness. Rather than focusing on street-fighting technique, Krav vs. Wild III encourages outdoor survival skills, including shelter procurement, camouflage, and identification of dangerous plants and animals. Attendees will also learn advanced Krav Maga techniques and compete with other teams throughout the day to apply their new skills. The event is fun and competitive. All mission participants receive a t-shirt and certificate. The top three winning teams will receive prizes at an award ceremony at the end of the program.

Krav vs. Wild III is not only a fun event, it helps those interested in Krav Maga develop new skills that can be applied in real world wilderness situations. All of the course leaders for Krav vs. Wild are professionals from the Krav Maga Worldwide Force Training Division and have Special Operations military and/or law enforcement experience. Their instruction will give attendees a unique learning experience and provide the kind of education that saves lives. By attending Krav vs. Wild III, you enhance your wilderness skills and experience the necessary preparation to take on the outdoors.

The event will be held on June 28th, 2014 at Camp Courage in Brea, California. All levels are welcome, so don’t be afraid to try something new!

Register here.

Night Mission Event

In addition to the Saturday event, Krav Maga Worldwide is also offering a “Night Mission” event that will take place the Friday before camp. This unique experience allows participants to train and stay overnight with dinner and lodging included. The night training takes place June 27th at the same location and goes from 6pm-11pm. Attendees will lodge together in tents at Camp Courage and get some extra time to bond with fellow campers and experience the evening wilderness. This is also a convenient opportunity for those who are making long trips, allowing them to wake up on site for a day of training.

Sign up for Night Mission here.

A Unique Krav Maga Experience

You’ll walk away with a unique set of skills that will completely prepare you for a night in the wild. This event is specifically designed to build wilderness and survival skills.

Here are just a few of the things you will learn at Krav Maga vs. Wild III.

-          Krav Maga Training In Non-Permissive Environments

-          Hiking / Bushcraft / Camouflage

-          Long Rifle – Survival Marksmanship

-          Survival Shelter Building

-          Archery / Tomahawk

-          Marksmanship/Force on Force - Paintball

-          Emergency Navigation / Survival Signaling and Communication

-          Wilderness Orientation/ Dangerous Animal and Plant Identification

-          Survival Foraging and Fire-Craft

-          Survival First Aid / Gunshot Wound Trauma

-          Improvised Weapon Development and Training

-          Team Tactics

-          Individual and Team Competitions

          *Topics are subject to change due to weather conditions and availability

Registration Information

We anticipate a flood of participants, so make sure you sign up soon! Payment is due upon registration. The rates are as follows:

  • Friday night training seminar (includes dinner and lodging): $99.00
  • Saturday Krav v. Wild III - Training event and survival race: $149.00
  • Full Experience: Both Friday night training and Saturday KvW3: $199.00

For either event, register online here.

For any further questions, contact [email protected]. We hope to see you there!

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