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What is the "Lean in 17" 6 Week Challenge?

The "Lean in 17" 6 Week Challenge is a friendly competition for Krav Maga Worldwide members in which participants earn points for training and for body composition test results. The participants with the three highest number of points will earn prizes! We will run two separate Challenges concurrently, one for HQ Training Centers • West L.A. and one for HQ Training Centers • Sherman Oaks. Members can join either one!

How does the challenge work?

At the start of the 6 Week Challenge, each participant will have a DXA Scan body composition analysis by Body-Spec. The DXA Scan will provide a baseline for the participants body-fat and other body composition elements.

The weekend prior to the start of the challenge (January, 21st and 22nd) participants will attend one of two  Nutrition and Meal Prep Seminars featuring Todd Harwood, a diet and performance nutrition coach certified through the renowned Dolce Diet program.

Each participant, then has six weeks to train in Self-Defense, Fitness, or Fight classes at Krav Maga Worldwide HQ Training Centers and earn points based on the participation points rules below. At the conclusion of six weeks, the participant will return to Body-Spec for a second DXA Scan. Changes in body composition will earn the participant points based on the body composition points rules below. The total points earned for training and body composition change will be the participant's score!

When does the challenge start?

The 6 Week Challenge kicks off on January 23rd and ends March 5th. Registration opens January 2nd.

What is the cost of the Challenge, and how do I register?

Sorry but registration is closed.

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