Self Defense Classes in Washington DC

When you want to take your workouts to the next level, there is no better solution than Krav Maga. In Washington DC, you can experience this no-nonsense system from the global leader in reality based fitness — Krav Maga Worldwide. We offer the same training developed by the Israeli Defense Forces to tone your body and sharpen your mind.

With classes that focus on instinctive movements, realistic training scenarios, and functional fighting techniques, you’ll be prepared for anything. Military units and law enforcement around the world use this regimen to gain practical skills.

Unmatched Passion for Fitness

You won’t find a better way to experience Krav Maga in Washington DC than visiting one of our certified training centers. We have more than 150 locations throughout the world, and we have spent over 20 years of providing the best Krav Maga training through passionate instructors. Whether you need personalized training or you’re looking for group classes, the dedication and support you’ll find at Krav Maga Worldwide is unmatched.

Helping You Realize Your Goals

Every certified instructor at Krav Maga Worldwide is committed to helping you become a healthier, more confident person. We offer something for everyone, so you can reach any fitness or self defense goal. Whether your goals include losing weight, getting stronger, or practicing real world fighting scenarios, our certified training centers can provide you the classes and guidance you’re looking for. Visit us today to discover the best self defense classes in Washington DC.

Don’t Wait to Discover Your Potential

Finding a place to learn and practice Krav Maga has never been easier than with our certified training centers. Experience Krav Maga in Washington DC firsthand and unleash your power and confidence. Reach out to us today to learn more about our self defense, fighting, and fitness programs.


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