Self Defense Classes in Georgia

You can experience all the benefits of our popular Krav Maga routines right in your own neighborhood with Krav Maga Worldwide. Our certified training centers and dedicated instructors bring the best Krav Maga to Georgia residents who want to take their fitness training to the next level.

Based on the same practical techniques that were designed by Imi Lichtenfeld for the Israeli Defense Forces, our self defense classes in Georgia will teach you instinctive movements to handle yourself in any real world situation.

Krav Maga in Georgia

Krav Maga Worldwide has global recognition with more than 150 locations around the world. When you visit any of our certified training centers, you’ll see exactly why we are the largest reality based self defense organization in the industry. Each certified training center has instructors that draw from more than 20 years of experience to provide unmatched self defense training and knowledge.

Reach Your Goals with Us

From sparring classes to self defense sessions and fitness courses, you’ll find it all at Krav Maga Worldwide. We can help you with anything — whether you want to sharpen your mind, tone your body, or achieve a new level of personal wellness. Whatever goals you have, our passionate instructors can help.

Transform your life with the most practical and informative exposure to Krav Maga possible. With our instructors, you’ll be able to meet any goal you set in a professional and supportive environment.

Push Yourself with the Ultimate Training

Experiencing Krav Maga in Georgia has never been easier. When you sign up for our fitness and self defense courses, you are taking the first step to creating a healthier lifestyle. Begin your training journey today by visiting us in Georgia and learning about all the classes and programs we offer.

Krav Maga Forsyth
215 Advantage Dr.
Cumming, GA 30040
Tel: 678-807-9856
Contact: Scott Sanchez
Email: [email protected]
Droege’s ATA Martial Arts
2800 Powder Springs Rd.
Marietta, GA 30064
Tel: 770-222-1900
Contact: Todd Droege
Email: [email protected]

Krav Maga 911 Valdosta
4560 J Valnorth Dr. Valdosta, GA 31602
Contact: Bobby Cumby
Tel: 229-630-1889
Email:[email protected]


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