If you’re ready to take your workouts to the next level in San Antonio, Krav Maga is the solution. When you visit Krav Maga Worldwide’s certified training centers, you’ll experience fitness routines that go beyond anything you’ve experienced before. Based on the same exercises developed by Imi Lichtenfeld for the Israeli Defense Forces, Krav Maga is the best way to train your body and harness your mind.

Our self defense classes in San Antonio focus on instinctive movements, intuitive techniques, and realistic scenarios to train you for any situation. You’ll experience the same regimens used by military and law enforcement to prepare for work in the field. Discover the benefits of Krav Maga today by visiting one of our certified training centers.

Experience the KMW Difference

Krav Maga Worldwide is the global leader of reality based defense training. We have more than 150 locations worldwide and bring more than 20 years of experience of teaching Krav Maga to San Antonio. You’ll notice our passion for helping people become fit and confident right away when you sign up for our classes.

Reach All Your Fitness Goals

No matter what your fitness goals are, we offer a program to match. Whether your focus is improving fighting skills, building a stronger body, or developing a better sense of self, Krav Maga can help. You’ll get the most informative and practical exposure to Krav Maga in San Antonio with us. Our courses cover everything from law enforcement training and sparring to personal defense skills and fitness focused classes.

Don’t Put off Being Healthy Any Longer

Our training centers offer the classes you need to transform your life. Reach out to our team in San Antonio and don’t wait any longer to embrace Krav Maga. Push your mind and body to new heights with the help of Krav Maga Worldwide today.


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